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Tang, Wenfang, 1955- / [c2007] Social change in contemporary China: C.K. Yang and the concept of institutional diffusion,
Tantillo, Astrida Orle. / [2002] The will to create: Goethe's philosophy of nature
Tarr, Joel A. (Joel Arthur), 1934- / [c2003] Devastation and renewal: an environmental history of Pittsburgh and its region,
Taylor, Bron Raymond. / [c1991] Affirmative action at work: law, politics, and ethics
Taylor, Frank (Frank Fonda), 1944- / [c1993] To hell with paradise: a history of the Jamaican tourist industry
Teichman, Judith A., 1947- / [c1995] Privatization and political change in Mexico
Thomas, Clarke M. / [c2005] Front-page Pittsburgh: two hundred years of the Post-gazette,
Thomas, Maurice J. (Maurice Jacob), 1902-1967 / [1953] Public education and a productive society
Thomas, Maurice J. (Maurice Jacob), 1902-1967 / [1967] Presidential statements on education: excerpts from inaugural and State of the Union messages, 1789-1967
Thornburgh, Dick. / [2010] Where the evidence leads: an autobiography,
Tobey, Ronald C. / [1971] The American ideology of national science, 1919-1930
Townley, Rod. / [c1998] Night errands: how poets use dreams
Transchel, Kate. / [c2006] Under the influence: working-class drinking, temperance, and cultural revolution in Russia, 1895-1932,
Trimble, William F., 1947- / [c1982] High frontier: a history of aeronautics in Pennsylvania
Trimbur, John. / [c2001] Popular literacy: studies in cultural practices and poetics
Tucker, Avezier, 1965- / [c2000] The philosophy and politics of Czech dissidence from Patočka to Havel
Turner, Frederick C. / [c1983] Juan Perón and the reshaping of Argentina
Turner, Margery J. / [1971] New dance: approaches to nonliteral choreography