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Sajna, Mike. / [c1999] Days on the water: the angling tradition in Pennsylvania
Salisbury, Robert Holt, 1930- / [c1992] Interests and institutions: substance and structure in American politics
Salmon, Wesley C. / [c1989] Four decades of scientific explanation
Salmon, Wesley C. / [1971] Statistical explanation & statistical relevance
Salvatori, Mariolina Rizzi. / [c1996] Pedagogy: disturbing history, 1819-1929
Sanjinés C., Javier, 1948- / [c2004] Mestizaje upside-down: aesthetic politics in modern Bolivia,
Sardell, Alice. / [c1988] The U.S. experiment in social medicine: the community health center program, 1965-1986
Satterwhite, James H. / [c1992] Varieties of marxist humanism: philosophical revision in postwar Eastern Europe
Savage, Gail, 1947- / [c1996] The social construction of expertise: the English civil service and its influence, 1919-1939
Savoie, Donald J. / [c1994] Thatcher, Reagan, Mulroney: in search of a new bureaucracy
Sbragia, Alberta M. / [c1996] Debt wish: entrepreneurial cities, U.S. federalism, and economic development
Scarpaci, Joseph L. / [c1988] Primary medical care in Chile: accessibility under military rule
Scarpaci, Joseph L. / [c2006] Pittsburgh and the Appalachians: cultural and natural resources in a postindustrial age,
Schaafsma, David, 1953- / [c1993] Eating on the street: teaching literacy in a multicultural society
Schaafsma, David, 1953- / [c1993] Eating on the street: teaching literacy in a multicultural society,
Schacht, Richard, 1941- / [1975] Hegel and after: studies in continental philosophy between Kant and Sartre
Schak, David C. / [c1988] A Chinese beggars' den: poverty and mobility in an underclass community
Scheetz, Thomas Edward. / [c1986] Peru and the International Monetary Fund
Schier, Steven E. / [c2000] The postmodern presidency: Bill Clinton's legacy in U.S. politics
Schier, Steven E. / [c2009] Ambition and division: legacies of the George W. Bush presidency,
Schier, Steven E. / [c2000] By invitation only : the rise of exclusive politics in the United States
Schmidt-Nowara, Christopher, 1966- / [c1999] Empire and antislavery: Spain, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, 1833-1874
Schmidt-Nowara, Christopher, 1966- / [c2006] The conquest of history: Spanish colonialism and national histories in the nineteenth century,
Schneider, Ben Ross. / [c1991] Politics within the state: elite bureaucrats and industrial policy in authoritarian Brazil
Schneider, Mark, 1946- / [c1989] The competitive city: the political economy of suburbia
Schoonmaker, Sara, 1956- / [c2002] High-tech trade wars: U.S.-Brazilian conflicts in the global economy
Schwartz, Katrina Z. S. / [c2006] Nature and national identity after communism: globalizing the ethnoscape,
Scott, Rebecca J. (Rebecca Jarvis), 1950- / [c1985, 2000] Slave emancipation in Cuba: the transition to free labor, 1860-1899
Seib, Kenneth. / [1969, c1968] James Agee; promise and fulfillment
Seitz, James E., 1958- / [c1999] Motives for metaphor: literacy, curriculum reform, and the teaching of English
Serbin, Ken. / [c2000] Secret dialogues: church-state relations, torture, and social justice in authoritarian Brazil
Seymour, Charles, 1912-1977 / [1967] Michelangelo's David: a search for identity
Sharkansky, Ira. / [c1997] Policy making in Israel: routines for simple problems and coping with the complex
Sharpless, Richard E. / [c1978] Gaitán of Colombia: a political biography
Shatz, Marshall. / [c1989] Jan Wacław Machajski: a radical critic of the Russian intelligentsia and socialism
Shergold, Peter R., 1946- / [c1982] Working-class life: the "American standard" in comparative perspective, 1899-1913
Shoumatoff, Elizabeth. / [c1990] FDR'S unfinished portrait: a memoir
Shriver, Donald W. / [c1980] Medicine and religion: strategies of care
Sigmund, Paul E. / [c1977] The overthrow of Allende and the politics of Chile, 1964-1976
Sims, Harold. / [c1990] The expulsion of Mexico's Spaniards, 1821-1836
Slevin, James F., 1945- / [c2001] Introducing English: essays in the intellectual work of composition
Sloan, John W., 1940- / [c1984] Public policy in Latin America: a comparative survey
Smith, Anne-Marie, 1960- / [c1997] A forced agreement: press acquiescence to censorship in Brazil
Smith, Joseph, 1945- / [c1991] Unequal giants: diplomatic relations between the United States and Brazil, 1889-1930
Smith, Joseph, 1945- / [c1979] Illusions of conflict: Anglo-American diplomacy toward Latin America, 1865-1896
Smith, Thomas G. (Thomas Gary), 1945- / [c2006] Green republican: John Saylor and the preservation of America's wilderness,
Smith, W. Rand, 1947- / [c1998] The left's dirty job: the politics of industrial restructuring in France and Spain
Soliday, Mary. / [c2002] The politics of remediation: institutional and student needs in higher education
Soltow, Lee. / [c1989] Distribution of wealth and income in the United States in 1798
Sourkes, Barbara M. / [c1982] The deepening shade: psychological aspects of life-threatening illness
Spencer, Ethel. / [c1983] The Spencers of Amberson Avenue: a turn-of-the century memoir
Spoehr, Alexander, 1913-1992 / [c1980] Maritime adaptations: essays on contemporary fishing communities
Staley, Thomas F. / [c1970] Approaches to Ulysses: ten essays
Starzl, Thomas E. (Thomas Earl), 1926- / [c1992] The puzzle people: memoirs of a transplant surgeon
Stave, Bruce M. / [c1970] The New Deal and the last hurrah: Pittsburgh machine politics
Steenson, Gary P., 1944- / [c1991] Karl Kautsky, 1854-1938: Marxism in the classical years
Steenson, Gary P., 1944- / [c1991] After Marx, before Lenin: Marxism and socialist working-class parties in Europe, 1884-1914
Steenson, Gary P., 1944- / [c1981] "Not one man! Not one penny!": German social democracy, 1863-1914
Stevens, Thaddeus, 1792-1868 / [c1997-] The selected papers of Thaddeus Stevens, v.2
Stevens, Thaddeus, 1792-1868 / [c1997-] The selected papers of Thaddeus Stevens, v.1
Stewart, Donald C. (Donald Charles), 1930-1992 / [c1997] The life and legacy of Fred Newton Scott
Stoker, Robert Phillip, 1954- / [c1991] Reluctant partners: implementing federal policy
Stotz, Charles Morse. / [1966] The architectural heritage of early western Pennsylvania: a record of building before 1860
Straus, Kenneth M., 1952- / [c1997] Factory and community in Stalin's Russia: the making of an industrial working class
Strohmeyer, John, 1924- / [1994] Crisis in Bethlehem: big steel's struggle to survive
Stromberg, Ernest. / [c2006] American Indian rhetorics of survivance: word medicine, word magic,
Sullivan, Paul R. / [c2004] Xuxub must die: the lost histories of a murder on the Yucatan,
Sullivan-González, Douglass, 1956- / [c1998] Piety, power, and politics: religion and nation formation in Guatemala, 1821-1871
Sultz, Harry A. / [1972] Long-term childhood illness
Symposium on Research Issues in Public Health and Population Change (1964 : Pittsburgh) / [1966, c1965] Public health and population change: current research issues; [papers]