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Pacini Hernandez, Deborah. / [c2004] Rockin' las Américas: the global politics of rock in Latin/o America,
Palazzolo, Daniel J., 1961- / [c1992] The Speaker and the budget: leadership in the post-reform House of Representatives
Palmer, Tim, 1948- / [c1984] Youghiogheny, Appalachian River
Parker, Glenn R., 1946- / [c1986] Homeward bound: explaining changes in congressional behavior
Parrini, Carl P. / [1969] Heir to empire: United States economic diplomacy, 1916-1923
Parrini, Paolo. / [c2003] Logical empiricism: historical & contemporary perspectives
Payne, Matthew J. / [c2001] Stalin's railroad: Turksib and the building of socialism
Pérez, Louis A., 1943- / [c1989] Lords of the mountain: social banditry and peasant protest in Cuba, 1878-1918
Pérez, Louis A., 1943- / [c1978] Intervention, revolution, and politics in Cuba, 1913-1921
Pérez, Louis A., 1943- / [c1986] Cuba under the Platt Amendment, 1902-1934
Pérez, Louis A., 1943- / [c1983] Cuba between empires, 1878-1902
Pérez, Louis A., 1943- / [c1976] Army politics in Cuba, 1898-1958
Pérez, Louis A., 1943- / [c2003] The archives of Cuba =: Los archivos de Cuba
Pérez-López, Jorge F. / [c1991] The economics of Cuban sugar
Penna, Anthony N. / [c2009] Remaking Boston: an environmental history of the city and its surroundings,
Pereira, Anthony W. / [c1997] The end of the peasantry: the rural labor movement in northeast Brazil, 1961-1988
Perloff, Harvey S. / [1961] Planning and the urban community: essays on urbanism and city planning presented before a seminar sponsored by the Joint Committee on Planning and Urban Development of Carnegie Institute of Technology and University of Pittsburgh
Peruzzotti, Enrique. / [c2006] Enforcing the rule of law: social accountability in the new Latin American democracies,
Pescatello, Ann M. / [1973] Female and male in Latin America: essays
Pescatello, Ann M. / [c1992] Charles Seeger: a life in American music
Peterson, Dale. / [c1982] A Mad people's history of madness
Peterson, Edwin L. (Edwin Lewis) / [1958] Penn's Woods West
Pettavino, Paula J. / [c1994] Sport in Cuba: the diamond in the rough
Pfaelzer, Jean. / [c1984] The utopian novel in America, 1886-1896: the politics of form
Pfaelzer, Jean. / [c1996] Parlor radical: Rebecca Harding Davis and the origins of American social realism
Phelps, Louise Wetherbee, 1940- / [c1995] Feminine principles and women's experience in American composition and rhetoric
Pichón, Francisco J. (Francisco Javier) / [c1999] Traditional and modern natural resource management in Latin America
Plotnicov, Leonard. / [1967] Strangers to the city: urban man in Jos, Nigeria
Plotnicov, Leonard. / [c1990] American culture: essays on the familiar and unfamiliar
Plotnicov, Leonard / [1970] Essays in comparative social stratification
Possevino, Antonio, 1533 or 4-1611 / [c1977] The Moscovia of Antonio Possevino, S.J
Pound, Roscoe, 1870-1964 / [1942] Administrative law: its growth, procedure and significance
Powers, Nancy R. (Nancy Regina) / [c2001] Grassroots expectations of democracy and economy: Argentina in comparative perspective
Pratt, Annis. / [1970] Dylan Thomas' early prose: a study in creative mythology
Prendergast, Catherine, 1968- / [c2008] Buying into English: language and investment in the new capitalist world
Prescott, Daniel Alfred, 1898- / [1958] Factors that influence learning
Press-Barnathan, Galia, 1967- / [c2009] The political economy of transitions to peace: a comparative perspective,
Prout, Curtis, 1915- / [c1988] Care and punishment: the dilemmas of prison medicine
Purdy, Strother B., 1932- / [c1977] The hole in the fabric: science, contemporary literature, and Henry James