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O'Meara, Walter. / [1965] Guns at the forks
Oberlin Colloquium in Philosophy 1962 : Oberlin College) / [1962] Knowledge and experience: proceedings
Oberlin Colloquium in Philosophy 1964 : Oberlin College) / [1966] Metaphysics and explanation: proceedings
Oberlin Colloquium in Philosophy 1965 : Oberlin College) / [1967] Art, mind, and religion: proceedings
Ogul, Morris S., 1931- / [c1976] Congress oversees the bureaucracy: studies in legislative supervision
Orenstein, Mitchell A. (Mitchell Alexander) / [c2008] Transnational actors in Central and East European transitions,
Orlow, Dietrich. / [c1991] Weimar Prussia, 1925-1933: the illusion of strength
Orlow, Dietrich. / [c1986] Weimar Prussia, 1918-1925: the unlikely rock of democracy
Orlow, Dietrich. / [1968] The Nazis in the Balkans: a case study of totalitarian politics
Osborne, G. S. (Gerald Stanley), 1926- / [1967, c1966] Scottish and English schools: a comparative survey of the past fifty years
Otten, Terry. / [c1982] After innocence: visions of the Fall in modern literature
Ottmann, Goetz Frank. / [c2002] Lost for words?: Brazilian liberationism in the 1990s