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Nagrin, Daniel. / [c1994] Dance and the specific image: improvisation
Nash, Gerald D. / [c1968] United States oil policy, 1890-1964: business and government in twentieth century America
Neal, Kenneth, 1950- / [c1996] A wise extravagance: the founding of the Carnegie International exhibitions 1895-1901
Needham, Anuradha Dingwaney, 1951- / [c1995] Between languages and cultures: translation and cross-cultural texts
Nelson, Steve, 1903- / [c1981] Steve Nelson, American radical
Newman, Robert P. / [1962] The Pittsburgh code for academic debate
Newmann, William W. / [c2003] Managing national security policy: the president and the process,
Nietz, John A. (John Alfred), 1888-1970 / [1961] Old textbooks: spelling, grammar, reading, arithmetic, geography, American history, civil government, physiology, penmanship, art, music, as taught in the common schools from colonial days to 1900
Norton, John K. (John Kelley), 1893-1979 / [1965] Critical issues in American public education
Nutini, Hugo G. / [1968] San Bernardino Contla: marriage and family structure in a Tlaxcalan municipio
Nutini, Hugo G. / [c1976] Essays on Mexican kinship