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Landis, Erik C. / [c2008] Bandits and partisans: the Antonov movement in the Russian Civil War,
Lasso, Marixa. / [c2007] Myths of harmony: race and republicanism during the age of revolution, Colombia 1795-1831,
Laughlin, Ledlie Irwin. / [1961] Joseph Ledlie and William Moody, early Pittsburgh residents: their background and some of their descendants
Lauria-Santiago, Aldo. / [c1999] An agrarian republic: commercial agriculture and the politics of peasant communities in El Salvador, 1823-1914
Lauria-Santiago, Aldo. / [c2004] Landscapes of struggle: politics, society, and community in El Salvador
Lefebvre, Jeffrey Alan. / [c1991] Arms for the Horn: U.S. security policy in Ethiopia and Somalia, 1953-1991
Legge, Jerome S. / [c1991] Traffic safety reform in the United States and Great Britain
Legras, Horacio. / [c2008] Literature and subjection: the economy of writing and marginality in Latin America,
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm, Freiherr von, 1646-1716 / [c1991] G.W. Leibniz's Monadology: an edition for students
Leitinger, Ilse Abshagen. / [c1997] The Costa Rican women's movement: a reader
Levin-Waldman, Oren M. / [, c1996] Reconceiving liberalism: dilemmas of contemporary liberal public policy
Levy, Daniel C. / [c1996] Building the third sector: Latin America's private research centers and nonprofit development
Lewis, Paul G. / [c1996] Shaping suburbia: how political institutions organize urban development
Lewis, W. David (Walter David), 1931- / [c1988] The airway to everywhere: a history of All American Aviation, 1937-1953
Linden, Ronald Haly. / [c1984] Elite studies and Communist politics: essays in memory of Carl Beck
Logan, Michael F., 1950- / [2006] Desert cities: the environmental history of Phoenix and Tucson,
Long, Robert Emmet. / [c1979] The great succession: Henry James and the legacy of Hawthorne
Lorandi, Ana María. / [c2005] Spanish king of the Incas: the epic life of Pedro Bohorques,
Lubove, Roy. / [c1996] Twentieth-century Pittsburgh, Vol. 1
Lubove, Roy. / [c1996] Twentieth-century Pittsburgh, Vol. 2
Lubove, Roy. / [c1986] The struggle for social security, 1900-1935
Lubove, Roy. / [c1966] Social welfare in transition: selected English documents, 1834-1909
Lubove, Roy. / [c1962] The progressives and the slums: tenement house reform in New York City, 1890-1917
Lubove, Roy. / [1964, c1963] Community planning in the 1920's: the contribution of the Regional Planning Association of America
Lucero, Jose Antonio, 1972- / [c2008] Struggles of voice: the politics of indigenous representation in the Andes,
Ludmer, Josefina. / [2004] The corpus delicti: a manual of Argentine fictions,
Lunsford, Andrea A., 1942- / [c1995] Reclaiming rhetorica: women in the rhetorical tradition
Lunsford, Andrea A., 1942- / [c2004] Crossing borderlands: composition and postcolonial studies,
Lusztig, Michael, 1962- / [c1996] Risking free trade: the politics of trade in Britain, Canada, Mexico, and the United States
Lusztig, Michael, 1962- / [c2004] The limits of protectionism: building coalitions for free trade,
Luton, Larry S., 1949- / [c1996] The politics of garbage: a community perspective on solid waste policy making
Lyden, Fremont J. / [c1992] Native Americans and public policy
Lyu, Claire Chi-ah. / [c2006] A sun within a sun: the power and elegance of poetry,