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Kaganovsky, Lilya. / [c2008] How the Soviet man was unmade: cultural fantasy and male subjectivity under Stalin,
Kameen, Paul, 1949- / [c2000] Writing/teaching: essays toward a rhetoric of pedagogy
Kamen, Charles Samuel, 1939- / [c1991] Little common ground: Arab agriculture and Jewish settlement in Palestine, 1920-1948
Kehl, James A. / [c1981] Boss rule in the gilded age: Matt Quay of Pennsylvania
Keller, Dorothy Smith. / [1970] A psychiatric record manual for the hospital
Keller, William W. (William Walton), 1950- / [c2006] Hitting first: preventive force in U.S. security strategy,
Keller, William W. (William Walton), 1950- / [c2007] China's rise and the balance of influence in Asia,
Kellerman, Barbara. / [c1986] Political leadership: a source book
Kemp, Emory Leland. / [2000] The great Kanawha navigation
Keniston, Hayward, b. 1883 / [1960] Francisco de los Cobos, secretary of the Emperor Charles V
Keppel, Francis, 1916-1990 / [1961] Personnel policies for public education
Kerr, K. Austin (Kathel Austin) / [1968] American railroad politics, 1914-1920: rates, wages, and efficiency
Khademian, Anne M., 1961- / [c1992] The SEC and capital market regulation: the politics of expertise
Kim, Sŏn-hyŏk, 1966- / [c2000] The politics of democratization in Korea: the role of civil society
Kingstone, Peter R., 1964- / [c2000] Democratic Brazil: actors, institutions, and processes
Kingstone, Peter R., 1964- / [c2008] Democratic Brazil revisited,
Kintgen, Eugene R. / [c1996] Reading in Tudor England
Kittleson, Roger Alan. / [c2006] The practice of politics in postcolonial Brazil: Porto Alegre, 1845-1895
Kleinberg, S. J. / [c1989] The shadow of the mills: working-class families in Pittsburgh, 1870-1907
Kopperman, Paul E. / [c1977] Braddock at the Monongahela
Kozak, Florence Milnes, 1948- / [c1986] Autistic children: a working diary
Krause, George A., 1965- / [c1999] A two-way street: the institutional dynamics of the modern administrative state
Krause, Paul, 1951- / [c1992] The battle for Homestead, 1880-1892: politics, culture, and steel
Krieckhaus, Jonathan Tabor, 1967- / [c2006] Dictating development: how Europe shaped the global periphery,
Krips, Henry. / [c1995] Science, reason, and rhetoric
Krislov, Samuel. / [c1997] How nations choose product standards and standards change nations
Kubicek, Paul. / [c2004] Organized labor in postcommunist states: from solidarity to infirmity,
Kuo, Cheng-tian, 1957- / [c1995] Global competitiveness and industrial growth in Taiwan and the Philippines