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Ilisevich, Robert D. / [1988] Galusha A. Grow: the people's candidate
Ingraham, Patricia W. / [c1992] The Promise and paradox of civil service reform
International Arms Control Symposium, Philadelphia, 1971. / [1973] SALT: implications for arms control in the 1970s
International Political Science Association / [1958] Interest groups on four continents
Ioffe, G. V. (Grigoriĭ Viktorovich) / [c2006] The end of peasantry?: the disintegration of rural Russia,
Ireland, Patrick R. (Patrick Richard), 1961- / [c2004] Becoming Europe: immigration, integration, and the welfare state
Ireland, Rowan. / [c1991] Kingdoms come: religion and politics in Brazil
Isbester, Katherine. / [c2001] Still fighting: the Nicaraguan women's movement, 1977-2000
Israel, Jerry. / [1971] Progressivism and the open door: America and China, 1905-1921