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Gale, Robert L., 1919- / [1964] Thomas Crawford: American sculptor
Garry, Patrick M. / [c1994] Scrambling for protection: the new media and the First Amendment
Gauri, Varun, 1966- / [c1998] School choice in Chile: two decades of educational reform
Gay, Vernon. / [c1983] Discovering Pittsburgh's sculpture
Geen, Elizabeth, 1903- / [1963] Man and the modern city
Gerbi, Antonello, 1904-1976 / [c1985] Nature in the New World: from Christopher Columbus to Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo
Gerbi, Antonello, 1904-1976 / [1973] The dispute of the New World: the history of a polemic, 1750-1900
Gesler, Wilbert M., 1941- / [c1991] The cultural geography of health care
Gillroy, John Martin, 1954- / [c1992] The Moral dimensions of public policy choice: beyond the market paradigm
Gilmour, John B. / [c1995] Strategic disagreement: stalemate in American politics
Gimpel, James G. / [c1996] National elections and the autonomy of American state party systems
Gitelman, Zvi Y. / [2003] The emergence of modern Jewish politics: Bundism and Zionism in Eastern Europe
Glasco, Laurence Admiral. / [c2004] The WPA history of the Negro in Pittsburgh,
Glatzer, Miguel. / [c2005] Globalization and the future of the welfare state,
Glave, Dianne D. / [c2006] To love the wind and the rain: African Americans and environmental history
Goellnicht, Donald C., 1953- / [c1984] The poet-physician: Keats and medical science
Goldstein, Laurence, 1943- / [c1977] Ruins and empire: the evolution of a theme in Augustan and romantic literature
Gormley, William T., 1950- / [c1983] The politics of public utility regulation
Gorzelsky, Gwen. / [c2005] The language of experience: literate practices and social change,
Graham, Laurie. / [c1998] Singing the city: the bonds of home in an industrial landscape,
Grant, Jonathan A., 1963- / [c1999] Big business in Russia: the Putilov Company in late Imperial Russia, 1868-1917
Grayson, George W., 1938- / [c1980] The politics of Mexican oil
Grayson, George W., 1938- / [c1988] Oil and Mexican foreign policy
Green, N. Bayard, 1905- / [c1987] Amphibians and reptiles in West Virginia
Green, Stanley C. / [c1987] The Mexican Republic: the first decade, 1823-1832
Greenberg, Martin Alan. / [c2005] Citizens defending America: from colonial times to the age of terrorism,
Greenblatt, Milton. / [1971] Dynamics of institutional change: the hospital in transition
Greenwald, Maurine Weiner, 1944- / [c1996] Pittsburgh surveyed: social science and social reform in the early twentieth century
Grenier, Yvon. / [1999] The emergence of insurgency in El Salvador: ideology and political will
Grodzins, Morton. / [1958] The metropolitan area as a racial problem
Grundstein, Nathan D. / [1961] Presidential delegation of authority in wartime
Gurevitz, Baruch, 1945- / [1980] National communism in the Soviet Union, 1918-28
Guthrie, Dwight Raymond, 1902- / [1952] John McMillan, the apostle of Presbyterianism in the West, 1752-1833
Gwynn, Frederick L. (Frederick Landis), 1916-1965 / [1958] The fiction of J.D. Salinger