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Fārābī. / [1963] Short commentary on Aristotle's Prior analytics
Faigley, Lester, 1947- / [c1992] Fragments of rationality: postmodernity and the subject of composition
Faron, Louis C., 1923- / [1964] Hawks of the sun: Mapuche morality and its ritual attributes
Feinberg, Melissa. / [c2006] Elusive equality: gender, citizenship, and the limits of democracy in Czechoslovakia, 1918-1950,
Felak, James Ramon, 1957- / [c1994] At the price of the Republic: Hlinka's Slovak People's Party, 1929-1938
Ferguson, Russell J. (Russell Jennings) / [1938] Early western Pennsylvania politics
Fifield, Barringer. / [c1996] Seeing Pittsburgh
Fisher, Philip, 1941- / [c1981] Making up society: the novels of George Eliot
Fishman, David E., 1957- / [c2005] The rise of modern Yiddish culture,
Fitch, John A. (John Andrews), 1881-1959 / [c1989] The steel workers
Flannery, Kathryn T. / [c1995] The emperor's new clothes: literature, literacy, and the ideology of style
Forster, Cindy, 1957- / [c2001] The time of freedom: campesino workers in Guatemala's October Revolution
Fosler, R. Scott. / [c1990] Demographic change and the American future
Foster, Genevieve W. / [c1981] Child care work with emotionally disturbed children
Foster, Genevieve W. / [1985] The world was flooded with light: a mystical experience remembered
Fraleigh, Sondra Horton, 1939- / [c1999] Dancing into darkness: Butoh, Zen, and Japan
Fraleigh, Sondra Horton, 1939- / [c2004] Dancing identity: metaphysics in motion,
Fraleigh, Sondra Horton, 1939- / [c1987] Dance and the lived body: a descriptive aesthetics,
Fraleigh, Sondra Horton, 1939- / [c1987] Dance and the lived body: a descriptive aesthetics
Fraleigh, Sondra Horton, 1939- / [c1999] Researching dance: evolving modes of inquiry
Franklin, Allan, 1938- / [c2002] Selectivity and discord: two problems of experiment,
Franklin, Allan, 1938- / [c2005] No easy answers: science and the pursuit of knowledge,
Franklin, Allan, 1938- / [c2008] Ending the Mendel-Fisher controversy,
Franklin, Daniel P. / [c1991] Extraordinary measures: the exercise of prerogative powers in the United States
Freese, Lee, 1942- / [c1980] Theoretical methods in sociology: seven essays
French, R. A. / [c1995] Plans, pragmatism and people: the legacy of Soviet planning for today's cities
Friedlander, Peter, 1941- / [1975] The emergence of a UAW local, 1936-1939: a study in class and culture
Friedman, Barry D., 1953- / [c1995] Regulation in the Reagan-Bush era: the eruption of presidential influence
Friman, H. Richard. / [c2007] Human trafficking, human security, and the Balkans,
Funigiello, Philip J. / [1973] Toward a national power policy: the New Deal and the electric utility industry, 1933-1941