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Earman, John. / [c1993] Philosophical problems of the internal and external worlds: essays on the philosophy of Adolf Grünbaum
Earman, John. / [c1997] The cosmos of science: essays of exploration
Eaton, Joseph W., 1919- / [1964] Prisons in Israel: a study of policy innovation
Eblen, Jack Ericson. / [1968] The first and second United States empires: governors and territorial government, 1784-1912
Edwards, George C. / [c1993] Researching the presidency: vital questions, new approaches
Edwards, George C. / [c1985] The presidency and public policy making
Eggert, Gerald G. / [c1981] Steelmasters and labor reform, 1886-1923
Eldred, Janet Carey. / [c2002] Imagining rhetoric: composing women of the early United States
Elections Research Center (Governmental Affairs Institute) / [1965] America at the polls: a handbook of American presidential election statistics, 1920-1964
Elmer, Elizabeth. / [1967] Children in jeopardy: a study of abused minors and their families
Elmer, Elizabeth. / [c1977] Fragile families, troubled children: the aftermath of infant trauma
Elmer, M. C. (Manuel Conrad), b. 1886 / [1956] Contemporary social thought: contributors and trends
ElWarfally, Mahmoud G., 1952- / [c1988] Imagery and ideology in U.S. policy toward Libya, 1969-1982
Escobar, Ticio, 1947- / [c2007] The curse of Nemur: in search of the art, myth, and ritual of the Ishir,
Everingham, Mark, 1962- / [c1996] Revolution and the multiclass coalition in Nicaragua