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Dabove, Juan Pablo. / [c2007] Nightmares of the lettered city: banditry and literature in Latin America, 1816-1929,
Dain, Norman. / [c1980] Clifford W. Beers, advocate for the insane
Daley, Anthony. / [c1996] Steel, state, and labor: mobilization and adjustment in France
Daniel, Jack L. (Jack Lee), 1942- / [c2003] We fish: the journey to fatherhood,
Davis, Allison, 1902-1983 / [1960] Psychology of the child in the middle class
Deere, Carmen Diana. / [c2001] Empowering women: land and property rights in Latin America
DeGenaro, William. / [c2007] Who says?: working-class rhetoric, class consciousness, and community,
Deverell, William Francis. / [c2005] Land of sunshine: an environmental history of metropolitan Los Angeles,
Diaz-Briquets, Sergio. / [2000] Conquering nature: the environmental legacy of socialism in Cuba
Diefendorf, Jeffry M., 1945- / [c2005] City, country, empire: landscapes in environmental history
Diesing, Paul. / [c1991] How does social science work?: reflections on practice
Dietz, Henry A. / [c1998] Urban poverty, political participation, and the state: Lima, 1970-1990
DiSalvo, Jackie. / [c1983] War of titans: Blake's critique of Milton and the politics of religion
Dix, Keith. / [c1988] What's a coal miner to do?: the mechanization of coal mining
Dombrowski, Peter J., 1963- / [c1996] Policy responses to the globalization of American banking
Domínguez, Jorge I., 1945- / [c1998] International security and democracy: Latin America and the Caribbean in the post-cold war era
Donahue, Patricia, 1953- / [c2007] Local histories: reading the archives of composition,
Dorian, Frederick, 1902-1991 / [1964] Commitment to culture: art patronage in Europe, its significance for America
Douglas, Heather E. / [c2009] Science, policy, and the value-free ideal,
Downes, Randolph C. (Randolph Chandler), 1901- / [1940] Council fires on the upper Ohio: a narrative of Indian affairs in the upper Ohio Valley until 1795
Drake, Paul W., 1944- / [c2006] State and society in conflict: comparative perspectives on Andean crises,
Drescher, Seymour. / [1968] Dilemmas of democracy: Tocqueville and modernization
Dudley, Edward J. / [1973, c1972] The wild man within: an image in Western thought from the Renaissance to romanticism
Duncan, J. Ann. / [c1986] Voices, visions, and a new reality: Mexican fiction since 1970
Dunn, Delmer D. / [c1997] Politics and administration at the top: lessons from down under
Durang, John, 1768-1822 / [1966] The memoir of John Durang, American actor, 1785-1816