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Callaghan, Karen (Karen J.) / [c2005] Framing American politics
Camp, Roderic A. / [c2001] Citizen views of democracy in Latin America
Campbell, Colin, 1943 June 10- / [c1988] Organizing governance, governing organizations
Campbell, Colin, 1943- / [c1986] Managing the presidency: Carter, Reagan, and the search for executive harmony
Campbell, Colin, 1943- / [c1991] Executive leadership in Anglo-American systems
Campbell, Tim, 1943- / [c2003] The quiet revolution: decentralization and the rise of political participation in Latin American cities
Canagarajah, A. Suresh. / [c2002] A geopolitics of academic writing,
Carleton, Gregory. / [c2005] Sexual revolution in Bolshevik Russia
Carment, David, 1959- / [c1997] Wars in the midst of peace: the international politics of ethnic conflict,
Carrier, Martin. / [c2008] The challenge of the social and the pressure of practice: science and values revisited
Carrier, Martin. / [c1997] Mindscapes: philosophy, science, and the mind
Carrier, Martin. / [c2000] Science at century's end: philosophical questions on the progress and limits of science
Casanovas, Joan. / [c1998] Bread or bullets!: urban labor and Spanish colonialism in Cuba, 1850-1898
Casper, Gretchen, 1958- / [c1995] Fragile democracies: the legacies of authoritarian rule
Casper, Gretchen, 1958- / [c1996] Negotiating democracy: transitions from authoritarian rule
Chaquèri, Cosroe. / [c1995] The Soviet Socialist Republic of Iran, 1920-1921: birth of the trauma
Chary, Frederick B. / [1972] The Bulgarian Jews and the final solution, 1940-1944
Chase, Francis S. (Francis Seabury), 1899- / [1956] Education faces new demands
Chatterjee, Choi. / [c2002] Celebrating women: gender, festival culture, and Bolshevik ideology, 1910-1939
Chebel d'Appollonia, Ariane. / [c2008] Immigration, integration, and security: America and Europe in comparative perspective,
Clancy, William, 1922-1982 / [c1987] Time's covenant: the essays and sermons of William Clancy
Clarfield, Gerard H. / [c1980] Timothy Pickering and the American Republic
Clark, A. Kim, 1964- / [c2007] Highland Indians and the state in modern Ecuador,
Clark, Truman R. (Truman Ross), 1935- / [1975] Puerto Rico and the United States, 1917-1933
Clarke, Harold D. / [c1989] Economic decline and political change: Canada, Great Britain, the United States
Cleland, Hugh. / [1955] George Washington in the Ohio Valley
Coffey, Joseph I. / [1971] Strategic power and national security
Cohen, Jeffrey E. / [c1988] The politics of the U.S. Cabinet: representation in the Executive Branch, 1789-1984
Cohen, Youssef. / [c1989] The manipulation of consent: the state and working-class consciousness in Brazil
Cohn, Jan, 1933-2004 / [c1980] Improbable fiction: the life of Mary Roberts Rinehart
Cohn, Jan, 1933-2004 / [c1989] Creating America: George Horace Lorimer and the Saturday evening post
Coleman, Francis X. J. / [1974] The harmony of reason: a study in Kant's aesthetics
Coleman, Francis X. J. / [1971] The aesthetic thought of the French Enlightenment
Coleman, Helen Turnbull Waite. / [c1956] Banners in the wilderness: early years of Washington and Jefferson College
Coles, Robert. / [1970] Uprooted children: the early life of migrant farm workers
Collier, Kenneth E., 1959- / [c1997] Between the branches: the White House Office of Legislative Affairs
Collier, Simon. / [c1986] The life, music & times of Carlos Gardel
Colodny, Robert Garland. / [c1986] From quarks to quasars: philosophical problems of modern physics
Colodny, Robert Garland. / [c1977] Logic, laws, & life: some philosophical complications
Colodny, Robert Garland / [1972] Paradigms & paradoxes: the philosophical challenge of the quantum domain
Colodny, Robert Garland / [1962] Frontiers of science and philosophy
Colodny, Robert Garland / [c1970] The Nature & function of scientific theories: essays in contemporary science and philosophy
Colten, Craig E. / [c2000] Transforming New Orleans and its environs: centuries of change
Conaghan, Catherine M. / [c1988] Restructuring domination: industrialists and the state in Ecuador
Conaghan, Catherine M. / [c2005] Fujimori's Peru: deception in the public sphere,
Conaghan, Catherine M. / [c1994] Unsettling statecraft: democracy and neoliberalism in the central Andes
Conner, Lynne. / [c2007] Pittsburgh in stages: two hundred years of theater,
Conniff, Michael L. / [c1985] Black labor on a white canal: Panama, 1904-1981
Connors, Robert J., 1951- / [c1997] Composition-rhetoric: backgrounds, theory, and pedagogy
Coronado, Jorge. / [c2009] The Andes imagined: indigenismo, society, and modernity,
Cottam, Martha L. / [c1994] Images and intervention: U.S. policies in Latin America
Cottam, Richard W. / [c1979] Nationalism in Iran: updated through 1978
Cottam, Richard W. / [c1988] Iran and the United States: a cold war case study
Cottam, Richard W. / [c1977] Foreign policy motivation: a general theory and a case study
Cottam, Richard W. / [1967] Competitive interference and twentieth century diplomacy
Cotter, Cornelius P. / [c1989] Party organizations in American politics
Counts, George S. (George Sylvester), 1889-1974 / [1962 i.e. 1963] Education and the foundations of human freedom
Cox, Robert Henry. / [c1993] The development of the Dutch welfare state: from workers' insurance to universal entitlement
Cox, Stephen D., 1948- / [1980] "The stranger within thee": concepts of the self in late-eighteenth-century literature
Crabtree, John, 1950- / [c2008] Unresolved tensions: Bolivia past and present,
Cremin, Lawrence A. (Lawrence Arthur), 1925-1990 / [1966, c1965] The genius of American education
Crocetti, Guido M., 1920- / [1974] Contemporary attitudes toward mental illness
Crowley, Gregory J. / [c2005] The politics of place: contentious urban redevelopment in Pittsburgh
Crowley, Sharon, 1943- / [c2006] Toward a civil discourse: rhetoric and fundamentalism
Crowley, Sharon, 1943- / [c1998] Composition in the university: historical and polemical essays
Cruz Saco, María Amparo. / [c1998] Do options exist?: the reform of pension and health care systems in Latin America
Cummings, Hubertis M. (Hubertis Maurice), 1884-1963 / [c1964] Scots breed and Susquehanna
Curran, Daniel J. / [c1993] Dead laws for dead men: the politics of federal coal mine health and safety legislation
Curry, Richard Orr. / [1964] A house divided: a study of statehood politics and the Copperhead movement in West Virginia