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Bailer-Jones, Daniela. / [c2009] Scientific models in philosophy of science,
Bailey, John J. / [c2000] Organized crime & democratic governability: Mexico and the U.S.-Mexican borderlands
Baldwin, Leland D. (Leland Dewitt), 1897-1981 / [1968] Whiskey rebels: the story of a frontier uprising
Baldwin, Leland D. (Leland Dewitt), 1897-1981 / [1980, c1969] The keelboat age on western waters
Baldwin, Leland D. (Leland Dewitt), 1897-1981 / [1937] Pittsburgh: the story of a city
Baron, Samuel H. / [c1995] Plekhanov in Russian history and Soviet historiography
Barry, Herbert, 1930- / [c1980] Cross-cultural samples and codes
Bartell, Ernest J., 1932- / [c1995] Business and democracy in Latin America
Bass, Lee W., 1921- / [c1977] The style and management of a pediatric practice
Bauman, John F., 1938- / [c2006] Before renaissance: planning in Pittsburgh, 1889-1943,
Baumgartner, Frank R., 1958- / [c1989] Conflict and rhetoric in French policymaking
Baxter, Annette Kar. / [1961] Henry Miller, expatriate
Beale, Walter H. / [2009] Learning from language: symmetry, asymmetry, and literary humanism,
Benjamin, Jules R. / [c1977] The United States & Cuba: hegemony and dependent development, 1880-1934
Bennett, Vivienne, 1953- / [c1995] The politics of water: urban protest, gender, and power in Monterrey, Mexico
Bennett, Vivienne, 1953- / [2004] Opposing currents: the politics of water and gender in Latin America,
Bergero, Adriana J., 1953- / [c2008] Intersecting tango: cultural geographies of Buenos Aires, 1900-1930,
Berkman, Michael B., 1960- / [1993] The state roots of national politics: Congress and the tax agenda, 1978-1986
Bernhard, Michael H. / [c2005] Institutions and the fate of democracy: Germany and Poland in the twentieth century
Bernstein, Anya E., 1968- / [c2001] The moderation dilemma: legislative coalitions and the politics of family and medical leave
Bevis, William W., 1941- / [c1988] Mind of winter: Wallace Stevens, meditation, and literature
Bibliothèque municipale d'Orléans, Fr. 518. / [1964] The first biography of Joan of Arc: with the chronicle record of a contemporary account
Bidwell, Charles Everett, 1923- / [c1969] The structure of Russian in outline
Bizzell, Patricia. / [c1992] Academic discourse and critical consciousness
Blais, André, 1947- / [c2000] To vote or not to vote?: the merits and limits of rational choice theory
Blais, André, 1947- / [c1991] The Budget-maximizing bureaucrat: appraisals and evidence
Blake, Charles H., 1962- / [c2009] Corruption & democracy in Latin America,
Blanchard, Peter, 1946- / [c2008] Under the flags of freedom: slave soldiers and the wars of independence in Spanish South America,
Blanchard, Peter, 1946- / [c1982] The origins of the Peruvian labor movement, 1883-1919
Blasier, Cole, 1925- / [1985] The hovering giant: U.S. responses to revolutionary change in Latin America, 1910-1985
Blasier, Cole, 1925- / [c1987] The giant's rival: the USSR and Latin America
Blasier, Cole, 1925- / [c1979] Cuba in the world
Bledsoe, Timothy. / [c1993] Careers in city politics: the case for urban democracy
Blom, Lynne Anne, 1942- / [c1988] The moment of movement: dance improvisation
Bobrow, Davis B. / [c2008] Hegemony constrained: evasion, modification, and resistance to American foreign policy,
Bobrow, Davis B. / [c1987] Policy analysis by design
Bodnar, John E., 1944- / [1990] Steelton: immigration and industrialization, 1870-1940
Bokovoy, Melissa K. (Melissa Katherine), 1961- / [c1998] Peasants and communists: politics and ideology in the Yugoslav countryside, 1941-1953
Bonsal, Philip W. (Philip Wilson), 1903-1995 / [1971] Cuba, Castro, and the United States
Bosso, Christopher J. (Christopher John), 1956- / [c1987] Pesticides and politics: the life cycle of a public issue
Brachet de Márquez, Viviane. / [c1994] The dynamics of domination: state, class, and social reform in Mexico, 1910-1990
Brackenridge, H. H. (Hugh Henry), 1748-1816 / [1970] A Hugh Henry Brackenridge reader, 1770-1815
Brandes, Joseph. / [1962] Herbert Hoover and economic diplomacy: Department of Commerce policy 1921-1928
Branning, Rosalind L. (Rosalind Lorraine), 1907- / [1960] Pennsylvania constitutional development
Brashear, John A. (John Alfred), 1840-1920 / [c1988] A man who loved the stars: the autobiography of John A. Brashear
Brereton, John C. / [c1995] The origins of composition studies in the American college, 1875-1925: a documentary history
Bridge, James Howard, 1858-1939 / [c1991] The inside history of the Carnegie Steel Company: a romance of millions
Brignano, Russell C. (Russell Carl), 1935- / [1970] Richard Wright; an introduction to the man and his works
Brown, Lloyd A. (Lloyd Arnold), 1907-1966 / [c1959] Early maps of the Ohio Valley: a selection of maps, plans, and views made by Indians and colonials from 1673 to 1783
Bruccoli, Matthew J. (Matthew Joseph), 1931-2008 / [1995] The O'Hara concern: a biography of John O'Hara
Bruccoli, Matthew J. (Matthew Joseph), 1931-2008 / [1963] The composition of Tender is the night: a study of the manuscripts
Brunk, Gregory G. / [c1996] Understanding attitudes about war: modeling moral judgments
Brunner, Heinrich, 1945- / [c1977] Cuban sugar policy from 1963 to 1970
Buchanan, Paul G., 1954- / [c1995] State, labor, capital: democratizing class relations in the Southern Cone
Buchler, Ira R. / [1969] Game theory in the behavioral sciences
Buck, Gertrude, 1871-1922 / [c1996] Toward a feminist rhetoric: the writing of Gertrude Buck
Buck, Solon J. (Solon Justus), 1884-1962 / [c1967] The planting of civilization in western Pennsylvania
Buckingham, Willis J. / [c1989] Emily Dickinson's reception in the 1890s: a documentary history
Bucur, Maria, 1968- / [c2002] Eugenics and modernization in interwar Romania
Budson, Richard D. / [c1978] The psychiatric halfway house: a handbook of theory and practice
Buell, Emmett H. / [c2004] Enduring controversies in presidential nominating politics,
Bueno, Eva Paulino. / [c1998] Imagination beyond nation: Latin American popular culture
Bukowczyk, John J., 1950- / [c1996] Polish Americans and their history: community, culture, and politics
Bukowczyk, John J., 1950- / [c2005] Permeable border: the Great Lakes Basin as transnational region, 1650-1990
Bunie, Andrew. / [1974] Robert L. Vann of the Pittsburgh courier: politics and Black journalism
Burds, Jeffrey. / [c1998] Peasant dreams & market politics: labor migration and the Russian village, 1861-1905
Burgess, Katrina, 1962- / [c2004] Parties and unions in the new global economy
Burgoyne, Arthur Gordon, d. 1914 / [c1979] The Homestead strike of 1892
Burt, Jo-Marie. / [c2004] Politics in the Andes: identity, conflict, reform,
Burt, Jo-Marie. / [c2004] Politics in the Andes: identity, conflict, reform
Burton, Julianne. / [c1990] The Social documentary in Latin America
Busch, Andrew. / [c1999] Horses in midstream: U.S. midterm elections and their consequences, 1894-1998
Butler, Elizabeth Beardsley. / [c1984] Women and the trades: Pittsburgh, 1907-1908
Buzaglo, Meir, 1959- / [c2002] Solomon Maimon: monism, skepticism, and mathematics
Byington, Margaret F. (Margaret Frances), 1877-1952 / [1974] Homestead: the households of a mill town