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Aboul-Ela, Hosam M. / [c2007] Other South: Faulkner, coloniality, and the Mariátegui tradition,
Adjaye, Joseph K., 1940- / [c1997] Language, rhythm, & sound: Black popular cultures into the twenty-first century
Agnew, Hugh LeCaine. / [c1993] Origins of the Czech national renascence
Airaksinen, Timo, 1947- / [c1988] Ethics of coercion and authority: a philosophical study of social life
Alberts, Robert C. / [c1980] The shaping of the Point: Pittsburgh's Renaissance Park
Alberts, Robert C. / [c1986] Pitt: the story of the University of Pittsburgh, 1787-1987
Albrecht, Gary L. / [c1976] The Sociology of physical disability and rehabilitation
Alderfer, E. Gordon (Everett Gordon), 1915- / [c1985] The Ephrata commune: an early American counterculture
Alexander, June Granatir, 1948- / [c1987] The immigrant church and community: Pittsburgh's Slovak Catholics and Lutherans, 1880-1915
Allen, Richard F. (Richard Francis) / [1971] Fire and iron: critical approaches to Njáls saga
Altman, Isidore. / [1969] Methodology in evaluating the quality of medical care: an annotated selected bibliography, 1955-1968
Andermann, Jens. / [c2007] The optic of the state: visuality and power in Argentina and Brazil,
Andrade, Víctor, 1905- / [c1976] My missions for revolutionary Bolivia, 1944-1962
Andrews, J. Cutler, 1908- / [1955] The North reports the Civil War
Appel, Hilary. / [c2004] A new capitalist order: privatization & ideology in Russia & Eastern Europe
Arceneaux, Craig L., 1965- / [2005] Transforming Latin America: the international and domestic origins of change,
Arciniegas, Germán, 1900-1999 / [1968] Constructive change in Latin America
Arnal, Oscar L., 1941- / [c1985] Ambivalent alliance: the Catholic Church and the Action française, 1899-1939
Arnold, Denise Y. / [c2006] The metamorphosis of heads: textual struggles, education, and land in the Andes,
Aron, Joan B. / [c1997] Licensed to kill?: the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Shoreham Power Plant
Aronson, Irwin Michael, 1942- / [1990] Troubled waters: the origins of the 1881 anti-Jewish pogroms in Russia
Ashford, Douglas Elliott. / [c1992] History and context in comparative public policy
Aurand, Martin. / [c1994] The progressive architecture of Frederick G. Scheibler, Jr
Auth, Janice, 1945- / [c1998] To Beijing and beyond: Pittsburgh and the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women
Averch, Harvey A. / [c1990] Private markets and public intervention: a primer for policy designers