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DiSalvo, Jackie. / [c1983] War of titans: Blake's critique of Milton and the politics of religion
Carment, David, 1959- / [c1997] Wars in the midst of peace: the international politics of ethnic conflict,
Hays, Samuel P. / [c2007] Wars in the woods: the rise of ecological forestry in America,
Daniel, Jack L. (Jack Lee), 1942- / [c2003] We fish: the journey to fatherhood,
Warren, Kenneth. / [c2001] Wealth, waste, and alienation: growth and decline in the Connellsville coke industry
Orlow, Dietrich. / [c1986] Weimar Prussia, 1918-1925: the unlikely rock of democracy
Orlow, Dietrich. / [c1991] Weimar Prussia, 1925-1933: the illusion of strength
Rescher, Nicholas. / [1972] Welfare: the social issues in philosophical perspective
Wolfe, Thomas, 1900-1938 / [1967] A western journal: a daily log of the great parks trip, June 20 - July 2, 1938
Dix, Keith. / [c1988] What's a coal miner to do?: the mechanization of coal mining
Thornburgh, Dick. / [2010] Where the evidence leads: an autobiography,
Baldwin, Leland D. (Leland Dewitt), 1897-1981 / [1968] Whiskey rebels: the story of a frontier uprising
DeGenaro, William. / [c2007] Who says?: working-class rhetoric, class consciousness, and community,
Dudley, Edward J. / [1973, c1972] The wild man within: an image in Western thought from the Renaissance to romanticism
Tantillo, Astrida Orle. / [2002] The will to create: Goethe's philosophy of nature
Robb, Mary Cooper. / [1957] William Faulkner: an estimate of his contribution to the modern American novel
Hunt, Rachel McMasters Miller, 1882-1963 / [1953] William Penn, horticulturist
Whewell, William, 1794-1866 / [c1968] William Whewell's theory of scientific method
Neal, Kenneth, 1950- / [c1996] A wise extravagance: the founding of the Carnegie International exhibitions 1895-1901
Butler, Elizabeth Beardsley. / [c1984] Women and the trades: Pittsburgh, 1907-1908
Shergold, Peter R., 1946- / [c1982] Working-class life: the "American standard" in comparative perspective, 1899-1913
Radder, Hans. / [c2006] The world observed, the world conceived,
Foster, Genevieve W. / [1985] The world was flooded with light: a mystical experience remembered
Glasco, Laurence Admiral. / [c2004] The WPA history of the Negro in Pittsburgh,
Kameen, Paul, 1949- / [c2000] Writing/teaching: essays toward a rhetoric of pedagogy