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Sardell, Alice. / [c1988] The U.S. experiment in social medicine: the community health center program, 1965-1986
Ripley, Randall B. / [c1997] U.S. foreign policy after the Cold War
Blanchard, Peter, 1946- / [c2008] Under the flags of freedom: slave soldiers and the wars of independence in Spanish South America,
Transchel, Kate. / [c2006] Under the influence: working-class drinking, temperance, and cultural revolution in Russia, 1895-1932,
Brunk, Gregory G. / [c1996] Understanding attitudes about war: modeling moral judgments
Smith, Joseph, 1945- / [c1991] Unequal giants: diplomatic relations between the United States and Brazil, 1889-1930
Moser, Robert G., 1966- / [c2001] Unexpected outcomes: electoral systems, political parties, and representation in Russia
Benjamin, Jules R. / [c1977] The United States & Cuba: hegemony and dependent development, 1880-1934
Middlebrook, Kevin J. / [c1986] The United States and Latin America in the 1980s: contending perspectives on a decade of crisis
Nash, Gerald D. / [c1968] United States oil policy, 1890-1964: business and government in twentieth century America
Rescher, Nicholas. / [c1980] Unpopular essays on technological progress
Crabtree, John, 1950- / [c2008] Unresolved tensions: Bolivia past and present,
Rescher, Nicholas. / [1975] Unselfishness: the role of the vicarious affects in moral philosophy and social theory
Conaghan, Catherine M. / [c1994] Unsettling statecraft: democracy and neoliberalism in the central Andes
Coles, Robert. / [1970] Uprooted children: the early life of migrant farm workers
Dietz, Henry A. / [c1998] Urban poverty, political participation, and the state: Lima, 1970-1990
Pfaelzer, Jean. / [c1984] The utopian novel in America, 1886-1896: the politics of form