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Willie, Charles Vert, 1927- / [1973] Racism and mental health: essays
Mayers, Tim. / [c2005] (Re)Writing craft: composition, creative writing, and the future of English studies,
Kintgen, Eugene R. / [c1996] Reading in Tudor England
Rescher, Nicholas. / [c2005] Realism and pragmatic epistemology,
Heath, Roy. / [1964] The reasonable adventurer: a study of the development of thirty-six undergraduates at Princeton
Warren, Harris Gaylord, 1906- / [c1985] Rebirth of the Paraguayan Republic: the first Colorado era, 1878-1904
Lunsford, Andrea A., 1942- / [c1995] Reclaiming rhetorica: women in the rhetorical tradition
Levin-Waldman, Oren M. / [, c1996] Reconceiving liberalism: dilemmas of contemporary liberal public policy
Jha, Stefania Ruzsits, 1941- / [c2002] Reconsidering Michael Polanyi's philosophy
Josephson, Paul R. / [c2000, 2005] Red atom: Russia's nuclear power program from Stalin to today
Friedman, Barry D., 1953- / [c1995] Regulation in the Reagan-Bush era: the eruption of presidential influence
Stoker, Robert Phillip, 1954- / [c1991] Reluctant partners: implementing federal policy
Penna, Anthony N. / [c2009] Remaking Boston: an environmental history of the city and its surroundings,
Fraleigh, Sondra Horton, 1939- / [c1999] Researching dance: evolving modes of inquiry
Edwards, George C. / [c1993] Researching the presidency: vital questions, new approaches
Conaghan, Catherine M. / [c1988] Restructuring domination: industrialists and the state in Ecuador
Heine, Jorge. / [c1990] A Revolution aborted: the lessons of Grenada
Everingham, Mark, 1962- / [c1996] Revolution and the multiclass coalition in Nicaragua
Mesa-Lago, Carmelo, 1934- / [1971] Revolutionary change in Cuba
Holmgren, Beth, 1955- / [c1998] Rewriting capitalism: literature and the market in late Tsarist Russia and the Kingdom of Poland
Brignano, Russell C. (Russell Carl), 1935- / [1970] Richard Wright; an introduction to the man and his works
Fishman, David E., 1957- / [c2005] The rise of modern Yiddish culture,
Lusztig, Michael, 1962- / [c1996] Risking free trade: the politics of trade in Britain, Canada, Mexico, and the United States
Mauch, Christof. / [c2008] Rivers in history: perspectives on waterways in Europe and North America,
Hartwig, Richard. / [c1983] Roads to reason: transportation, administration, and rationality in Colombia
Bunie, Andrew. / [1974] Robert L. Vann of the Pittsburgh courier: politics and Black journalism
Monjian, Mercedes Cunningham. / [1958] Robinson Jeffers, a study in inhumanism
Pacini Hernandez, Deborah. / [c2004] Rockin' las Américas: the global politics of rock in Latin/o America,
Goldstein, Laurence, 1943- / [c1977] Ruins and empire: the evolution of a theme in Augustan and romantic literature
Margeret, Jacques, b. ca. 1565 / [c1983] The Russian Empire and Grand Duchy of Muscovy: a 17th century French account