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Hull, Raymona E., 1907- / [c1980] Nathaniel Hawthorne, the English experience, 1853-1864
Gurevitz, Baruch, 1945- / [1980] National communism in the Soviet Union, 1918-28
Gimpel, James G. / [c1996] National elections and the autonomy of American state party systems
Cottam, Richard W. / [c1979] Nationalism in Iran: updated through 1978
Moore, Robin, 1964- / [c1997] Nationalizing blackness: afrocubanismo and artistic revolution in Havana, 1920-1940
Lyden, Fremont J. / [c1992] Native Americans and public policy
Colodny, Robert Garland / [c1970] The Nature & function of scientific theories: essays in contemporary science and philosophy
Schwartz, Katrina Z. S. / [c2006] Nature and national identity after communism: globalizing the ethnoscape,
Heidelberger, Michael. / [c2004] Nature from within: Gustav Theodor Fechner and his psychophysical worldview,
Gerbi, Antonello, 1904-1976 / [c1985] Nature in the New World: from Christopher Columbus to Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo
Orlow, Dietrich. / [1968] The Nazis in the Balkans: a case study of totalitarian politics
Casper, Gretchen, 1958- / [c1996] Negotiating democracy: transitions from authoritarian rule
Hastings, Sally A. / [c1995] Neighborhood and nation in Tokyo, 1905-1937
Reed, Horace B. / [1968] Nepal in transition: educational innovation
Appel, Hilary. / [c2004] A new capitalist order: privatization & ideology in Russia & Eastern Europe
James, H. Thomas (Henry Thomas), 1915- / [1969] The new cult of efficiency and education
Turner, Margery J. / [1971] New dance: approaches to nonliteral choreography
Stave, Bruce M. / [c1970] The New Deal and the last hurrah: Pittsburgh machine politics
Townley, Rod. / [c1998] Night errands: how poets use dreams
Dabove, Juan Pablo. / [c2007] Nightmares of the lettered city: banditry and literature in Latin America, 1816-1929,
Franklin, Allan, 1938- / [c2005] No easy answers: science and the pursuit of knowledge,
Andrews, J. Cutler, 1908- / [1955] The North reports the Civil War
Steenson, Gary P., 1944- / [c1981] "Not one man! Not one penny!": German social democracy, 1863-1914
Rogers, William R., 1932- / [c1979] Nourishing the humanistic in medicine: interactions with the social sciences
Morris, Robert K. / [1968] The novels of Anthony Powell