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Hobbs, June Hadden, 1948- / [c1997] I sing for I cannot be silent: the feminization of American hymnody, 1870-1920
Rescher, Nicholas. / [c2009] Ignorance: on the wider implications of deficient knowledge,
McCardell, Lee. / [1958] Ill-starred general: Braddock of the Coldstream Guards
Smith, Joseph, 1945- / [c1979] Illusions of conflict: Anglo-American diplomacy toward Latin America, 1865-1896
ElWarfally, Mahmoud G., 1952- / [c1988] Imagery and ideology in U.S. policy toward Libya, 1969-1982
Cottam, Martha L. / [c1994] Images and intervention: U.S. policies in Latin America
Bueno, Eva Paulino. / [c1998] Imagination beyond nation: Latin American popular culture
Eldred, Janet Carey. / [c2002] Imagining rhetoric: composing women of the early United States
Alexander, June Granatir, 1948- / [c1987] The immigrant church and community: Pittsburgh's Slovak Catholics and Lutherans, 1880-1915
Chebel d'Appollonia, Ariane. / [c2008] Immigration, integration, and security: America and Europe in comparative perspective,
Rogers, James M., 1949- / [c1988] The impact of policy analysis
Cohn, Jan, 1933-2004 / [c1980] Improbable fiction: the life of Mary Roberts Rinehart
Warren, Kenneth. / [c2007] Industrial genius: the working life of Charles Michael Schwab,
Bridge, James Howard, 1858-1939 / [c1991] The inside history of the Carnegie Steel Company: a romance of millions
Bernhard, Michael H. / [c2005] Institutions and the fate of democracy: Germany and Poland in the twentieth century
Martin, Jack, 1950- / [c1985] Instructional counseling: a method for counselors
International Political Science Association / [1958] Interest groups on four continents
Salisbury, Robert Holt, 1930- / [c1992] Interests and institutions: substance and structure in American politics
Domínguez, Jorge I., 1945- / [c1998] International security and democracy: Latin America and the Caribbean in the post-cold war era
Bergero, Adriana J., 1953- / [c2008] Intersecting tango: cultural geographies of Buenos Aires, 1900-1930,
Pérez, Louis A., 1943- / [c1978] Intervention, revolution, and politics in Cuba, 1913-1921
Halfin, Igal. / [2007] Intimate enemies: demonizing the Bolshevik opposition, 1918-1928,
Slevin, James F., 1945- / [c2001] Introducing English: essays in the intellectual work of composition
Cottam, Richard W. / [c1988] Iran and the United States: a cold war case study