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Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm, Freiherr von, 1646-1716 / [c1991] G.W. Leibniz's Monadology: an edition for students
Sharpless, Richard E. / [c1978] Gaitán of Colombia: a political biography
Rescher, Nicholas. / [1966] Galen and the syllogism: an examination of the thesis that Galen originated the fourth figure of the syllogism in the light of new data from Arabic sources including an Arabic text edition and annotated translation of Ibn al-Salah's treatise "On the fourth figure of the categorical syllogism"
Ilisevich, Robert D. / [1988] Galusha A. Grow: the people's candidate
Buchler, Ira R. / [1969] Game theory in the behavioral sciences
Melosi, Martin V., 1947- / [c2005] Garbage in the cities: refuse, reform, and the environment,
Mazur, Amy. / [c1995] Gender bias and the state: symbolic reform at work in Fifth Republic France
Ruane, Christine. / [c1994] Gender, class, and the professionalization of Russian city teachers, 1860-1914
Cremin, Lawrence A. (Lawrence Arthur), 1925-1990 / [1966, c1965] The genius of American education
Canagarajah, A. Suresh. / [c2002] A geopolitics of academic writing,
Mercer, George. / [1954] George Mercer papers relating to the Ohio Company of Virginia
Cleland, Hugh. / [1955] George Washington in the Ohio Valley
Blasier, Cole, 1925- / [c1987] The giant's rival: the USSR and Latin America
Hunt, Percival, 1878-1968 / [1965] The gift of the unicorn: essays on writing
Kuo, Cheng-tian, 1957- / [c1995] Global competitiveness and industrial growth in Taiwan and the Philippines
Glatzer, Miguel. / [c2005] Globalization and the future of the welfare state,
White, David A., 1942- / [c1983] The grand continuum: reflections on Joyce and metaphysics
Powers, Nancy R. (Nancy Regina) / [c2001] Grassroots expectations of democracy and economy: Argentina in comparative perspective
Kemp, Emory Leland. / [2000] The great Kanawha navigation
Long, Robert Emmet. / [c1979] The great succession: Henry James and the legacy of Hawthorne
Smith, Thomas G. (Thomas Gary), 1945- / [c2006] Green republican: John Saylor and the preservation of America's wilderness,
Heck, Edward T., 1935- / [1973] A guide to mental health services
O'Meara, Walter. / [1965] Guns at the forks