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Landis, Erik C. / [c2008] Bandits and partisans: the Antonov movement in the Russian Civil War,
Coleman, Helen Turnbull Waite. / [c1956] Banners in the wilderness: early years of Washington and Jefferson College
Moreno, José Antonio, 1928- / [1970] Barrios in arms: revolution in Santo Domingo
Krause, Paul, 1951- / [c1992] The battle for Homestead, 1880-1892: politics, culture, and steel
Ireland, Patrick R. (Patrick Richard), 1961- / [c2004] Becoming Europe: immigration, integration, and the welfare state
Bauman, John F., 1938- / [c2006] Before renaissance: planning in Pittsburgh, 1889-1943,
Needham, Anuradha Dingwaney, 1951- / [c1995] Between languages and cultures: translation and cross-cultural texts
Miller, Nick, 1963- / [c1997] Between nation and state: Serbian politics in Croatia before the First World War
Collier, Kenneth E., 1959- / [c1997] Between the branches: the White House Office of Legislative Affairs
Malloy, James M. / [1971] Beyond the revolution: Bolivia since 1952
Grant, Jonathan A., 1963- / [c1999] Big business in Russia: the Putilov Company in late Imperial Russia, 1868-1917
Warren, Kenneth. / [c2001] Big steel: the first century of the United States Steel Corporation, 1901-2001
Conniff, Michael L. / [c1985] Black labor on a white canal: Panama, 1904-1981
Malloy, James M. / [1970] Bolivia: the uncompleted revolution
Rea, Tom, 1950- / [c2001] Bone wars: the excavation and celebrity of Andrew Carnegie's dinosaur,
Huxley, Julian, 1887-1975 / [c1958] A book that shook the world: anniversary essays on Charles Darwin's Origin of species
Wilson, William Lyne, 1843-1900 / [1962] A borderland Confederate
Kehl, James A. / [c1981] Boss rule in the gilded age: Matt Quay of Pennsylvania
Kopperman, Paul E. / [c1977] Braddock at the Monongahela
Mettenheim, Kurt von, 1957- / [c1995] The Brazilian voter: mass politics in democratic transition, 1974-1986
Casanovas, Joan. / [c1998] Bread or bullets!: urban labor and Spanish colonialism in Cuba, 1850-1898
Ward, Matthew C. / [c2003] Breaking the backcountry: the Seven Years' War in Virginia and Pennsylvania, 1754-1765
Mencher, Samuel, 1918-1967 / [1968] British private medical practice and the National Health Service
Blais, André, 1947- / [c1991] The Budget-maximizing bureaucrat: appraisals and evidence
Remington, Thomas F., 1948- / [c1984] Building socialism in Bolshevik Russia: ideology and industrial organization, 1917-1921
Levy, Daniel C. / [c1996] Building the third sector: Latin America's private research centers and nonprofit development
Chary, Frederick B. / [1972] The Bulgarian Jews and the final solution, 1940-1944
Waterman, Richard W. / [2004] Bureaucrats, politics, and the environment,
Bartell, Ernest J., 1932- / [c1995] Business and democracy in Latin America
Prendergast, Catherine, 1968- / [c2008] Buying into English: language and investment in the new capitalist world
Schier, Steven E. / [c2000] By invitation only : the rise of exclusive politics in the United States