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Cobb, Lyman, 1800-1864 / [c1825] Cobb's spelling book: being a just standard for pronouncing the English language, containing the rudiments of the English, language arranged in catechetical order, an organization of the alphabet, an easy scheme of spelling and pronunciation, intermixed with easy reading lessons : to which are added, some useful tables, with the names of cities, counties, towns, rivers, lakes, &c. in the United States, and a list of the proper names contained in the New Testament, and pronounced according to the best authorities : designed to teach the orthography and orthoepy of J. Walker
Colburn, Warren, 1793-1833 / [c1826] Intellectual arithmetic: upon the inductive method of instruction
Hazen, Edward. / [c1829] The speller and definer, or, Class-book no. 2: designed to answer the purposes of a spelling book and to supersede the necessity of the use of a dictionary as a class-book
Cobb, Lyman, 1800-1864 / [c1830] Cobb's juvenile reader no. 1: containing interesting, moral, and instructive reading lessons, composed of easy words of one and two syllables : designed for the use of small children in families and school
Pierpont, John, 1785-1866 / [c1835] Introduction to the national reader: a selection of easy lessons : designed to fill the same place in the common schools of the United States, that is held by Murray's introduction, and the compilations of Guy, Mylius, and Pinnock, in those of Great Britain
Alexander, James W. (James Waddel), 1804-1859 / [c1838] Uncle Austin and his nephews, or, The scripture guide: being a familiar introduction to the study of the Bible
Goodrich, Samuel G. (Samuel Griswold), 1793-1860 / [c1839] The third reader: for the use of schools
Weld, Allen Hayden, 1812-1882 / [c1847] Parsing book: containing rules of syntax, and models for analyzing and transposing : together with selections of prose and poetry from writers of standard authority
Pinneo, T. S. (Timothy Stone), 1804-1893 / [c1847] The Hemans reader for female schools: containing extracts in prose and poetry
Ray, Joseph, 1807-1855 / [c1848] Ray's algebra, part first: on the analytic and inductive methods of instruction, with numerous practical exercises, designed for common schools and academies
American Tract Society / [c1849] Dr. Scudder's tales for little readers, about the heathen
Greene, J. W. (James Whitman) / [c1852] School melodies: containing a choice collection of popular airs with original and appropriate words composed expressly for the use of schools
Lossing, Benson John, 1813-1891 / [c1854] A pictorial history of the United States: for schools and families
Osgood, Lucius. / [c1856] Osgood's progressive speller
Town, Salem, 1779-1864 / [c1857] The progressive pictorial primer: the engravings from original designs
Town, Salem, 1779-1864 / [c1857] The progressive third reader, for public and private schools: containing the elementary principles of elocution, illustrated by examples and exercises in connection with the tables and rules, and a series of lessons in reading : with original designs and engravings
McGuffey, William Holmes, 1800-1873 / [c1857] McGuffey's new high school reader: for advanced classes, embracing about two hundred classic exercises
McGuffey, William Holmes, 1800-1873 / [c1857] McGuffey's new sixth eclectic reader: exercises in rhetorical reading, with introductory rules and examples
McGuffey, William Holmes, 1800-1873 / [c1857] McGuffey's new fifth eclectic reader: selected and original exercises for schools
Quackenbos, G. P. (George Payn), 1826-1881 / [c1857] Illustrated school history of the United States and the adjacent parts of America: from the earliest discoveries to the present time
[c1857] Chesterfield's art of letter-writing simplified: being a guide to friendly, affectionate, polite and business correspondence : containing a large collection of the most valuable information relative to the art of letter-writing, with clear and complete instructions how to begin and end correspondence, rules for punctuation and spelling, &c. : to which is appended the complete rules of etiquette and the usages of society : containing the most approved rules for correct deportment in fashionable life, together with hints to gentlemen and ladies on irregular and vulgar habits, also, the etiquette of love and courtship, marriage etiquette, &c
Sanders, Charles W. (Charles Walton), 1805-1889 / [c1858] The school reader: containing easy progressive lessons in reading and spelling, First book
Osgood, Lucius. / [c1858] Osgood's progressive fifth reader: embracing a system of instruction in the principles of elocution, and selections for reading and speaking from the best English and American authors : designed for the use of academies and the highest classes in public and private schools
Brooks, Edward, 1831-1912 / [c1858] The normal mental arithmetic: a thorough and complete course by analysis and induction
Watson, J. Madison (James Madison), 1827-1900 / [c1858] The national school primer, or, primary word-builder
Lilienthal, M. E. / [c1862] Object lessons: Things taught: systematic instruction in composition and object lessons
Victor, Orville J. (Orville James), 1827-1910 / [c1863] Beadle's dime American speaker: comprising gems of elocution and humor, for schools, exhibitions, parlors, etc
Holmes, George F. (George Frederick), 1820-1897 / [c1866] The Southern pictorial third reader: for schools and families
McGuffey, William Holmes, 1800-1873 / [c1866] McGuffey's new fourth eclectic reader: instructive lessons for the young
Edwards, Richard, 1822-1908 / [c1867] Analytical fourth reader: containing practical directions for reading, a thorough method of thought-analysis, a critical phonic analysis of English words, and a large number of new and valuable selections in readings
McGuffey, William Holmes, 1800-1873 / [c1867] McGuffey's newly revised eclectic primer: newly illustrated
Osgood, Lucius. / [c1870] Osgood's American primer: introductory to the American readers
Cole, William H., fl. 1870-1898 / [c1870] The institute reader and normal class-book: for the use of teachers' institutes and normal schools, and for self-training in the art of reading
Osgood, Lucius. / [c1871] Osgood's American third reader: for schools and families
Hart, John S. (John Seely), 1810-1877 / [c1872] A manual of American literature: a text-book for schools and colleges
Swinton, William, 1833-1892 / [c1872] First lessons in our country's history: bringing out its salient points, and aiming to combine simplicity with sense
Swinton, William, 1833-1892 / [c1873] Word-primer: a beginner's book in oral and written spelling
Osgood, Lucius. / [c1873] Osgood's American primary speller
Monroe, Lewis B. (Lewis Baxter), 1825?-1879 / [c1873] The first reader
Spencer, Platt R. (Platt Rogers), 1800-1864 / [c1873-84] Spencerian system of penmanship
Nordhoff, Charles, 1830-1901 / [c1875] Politics for young Americans
Goff, Milton B. (Milton Browning), 1831-1890 / [c1876] First book in arithmetic
McGuffey, William Holmes, 1800-1973 / [c1879] McGuffey's sixth eclectic reader
McGuffey, William Holmes, 1800-1873 / [c1879] McGuffey's fifth eclectic reader
[c1880] Elementary geography
McGuffey, William Holmes, 1800-1873 / [c1881] McGuffey's eclectic primer
Maglathlin, Henry B. (Henry Bartlett), 1819-1910 / [c1881] First lessons in numbers: oral and written
Steele, Joel Dorman, 1836-1886 / [c1883] A brief history of ancient, mediaeval, and modern peoples, with some account of their monuments, institutions, arts, manners, and customs
Smith, William Thayer, 1839-1909 / [c1884] The human body and its health : a text-book for schools, having special reference to the effects of stimulants and narcotics on the human system
Campbell, Loomis J. (Loomis Joseph), 1831-1896 / [c1885] The new Franklin primer and first reader
Woman's Christian Temperance Union, National Department of Scientific Instruction. / [c1885] Hygiene for young people: adapted to intermediate classes and common schools
[c1886-] Barnes' national system of penmanship
Murray, James R. (James Ramsey), 1841-1905 / [c1887] Dainty songs for little lads and lasses: for use in the kindergarten, school and home
Quackenbos, John Duncan, 1848-1926 / [c1889] Lessons in geography for little learners
Eggleston, Edward, 1837-1902 / [c1889] A first book in American history: with special reference to the lives and deeds of great Americans
Cyr, Ellen M., d. 1920 / [c1899] Cyr's fourth reader
Sheldon, L. W. / [c1901] Sheldon's Twentieth century letter writer: an up-to-date and accurate guide to correct modern letter writing
Blanchard, Clyde Insley, 1888- / [c1945] Expert shorthand speed course: teacher's handbook,