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Alexander, James W. (James Waddel), 1804-1859 / [c1838] Uncle Austin and his nephews, or, The scripture guide: being a familiar introduction to the study of the Bible
[1815, c1809] The United States' spelling book, with appropriate reading lessons: being an easy standard for spelling, reading and pronouncing the English language, according to the rules established by John Walker, in his critical and pronouncing dictionary
Fenning, Daniel. / [1767] The universal spelling-book, or, A new and easy guide to the English language: containing, I. Tables of words in one, two, three and four syllables ... , II. A very easy and rational guide to English grammar ... , III. A collection of near 5000 of the most useful words ... , IV. Many useful things necessary to help the young beginner ... , V. Chronological tables of the succession of the kings of England