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Palmer, A. N. (Austin Norman), 1859-1927 / [1915] The Palmer method of business writing: a series of self-teaching in rapid, plain, unshaded, coarse-pen, muscular movement writing
Turner, R. / [1835] The parlour letter-writer: and secretary's assistant : consisting of original letters on every occurrence in life : written in a concise and familiar style and adapted to both sexes : to which are added complimentary cards, wills, bonds, &c
Weld, Allen Hayden, 1812-1882 / [c1847] Parsing book: containing rules of syntax, and models for analyzing and transposing : together with selections of prose and poetry from writers of standard authority
Potter, S. A. / [1868, 1866] Penmanship explained, or, The principles of writing reduced to an exact science
Goodrich, Samuel G. (Samuel Griswold), 1793-1860 / [1845, c1844] Peter Parley's geography for beginners: with eighteen maps and one hundred and fifty engravings
Lossing, Benson John, 1813-1891 / [c1854] A pictorial history of the United States: for schools and families
Goodrich, Samuel G. (Samuel Griswold), 1793-1860 / [1850, c1843] A pictorial history of the United States: with notices of other portions of America
Pike, Nicholas, 1743-1819 / [1827, c1826] Pike's System of arithmetick abridged: designed to facilitate the study of the science of numbers, comprehending the most perspicuous and accurate rules, illustrated by useful examples : to which are added appropriate questions, for the examination of scholars, and a short system of book-keeping
Nordhoff, Charles, 1830-1901 / [c1875] Politics for young Americans
Pollard, Rebecca S. (Rebecca Smith), 1831-1917 / [1892, c1890] Pollard's synthetic third reader
Hows, John W. S. (John William Stanhope), 1797-1871 / [1856, c1849] The practical elocutionist, and, Academical reader and speaker: designed for the use of colleges, academies, high school and families
Butler, Noble, 1819-1882 A practical grammar of the English language
Fisher, A. (Anne), 1719?-1778 / [1780] A practical new grammar, with exercises of bad English, or, An easy guide to speaking and writing the English language properly and correctly: to which is added, a curious and useful appendix
Richardson, Charles F. (Charles Francis), 1851-1913 / [1891, c1883] A primer of American literature
Worcester, Samuel, 1793-1844 / [1826] A primer of the English language for the use of families and schools
Davis, Pardon. / [1823, c1822] The principles of the government of the United States: adapted to the use of schools
Parker, Richard Green, 1798-1869 / [1832] Progressive exercises in English composition
Town, Salem, 1779-1864 / [c1857] The progressive pictorial primer: the engravings from original designs
Town, Salem, 1779-1864 / [c1857] The progressive third reader, for public and private schools: containing the elementary principles of elocution, illustrated by examples and exercises in connection with the tables and rules, and a series of lessons in reading : with original designs and engravings