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Taylor, A. D. / [1904] National penmanship compendium for self-instruction and for use in schools and colleges,
Watson, J. Madison (James Madison), 1827-1900 / [c1858] The national school primer, or, primary word-builder
Ford, Paul Leicester, 1865-1902 / [1899] The New England primer: a reprint of the earliest known edition, with many facsimiles and reproductions, and an historical introduction
Campbell, Loomis J. (Loomis Joseph), 1831-1896 / [c1885] The new Franklin primer and first reader
Dilworth, Thomas, d. 1780 / [1810] A new guide to the English tongue: in five parts, containing, I. Words both common and proper, from one to six syllables ... II. A large and useful table of words that are the same in sound but different in signification ... III. A short but comprehensive grammar ... IV. An useful collection of sentences in prose and verse, divine, moral and historical ... V. Forms of prayer for children on several occasions
Warren, D. M. (David M.), 1820-1861 / [1868] A new primary geography
Cook, Thomas. / [1816] The new universal letter writer: containing letters on duty, amusement, love, courtship, marriage, friendship, trade, religion, and other useful subjects
[1898, c1895] The New vertical script primer
Brooks, Edward, 1831-1912 / [c1858] The normal mental arithmetic: a thorough and complete course by analysis and induction
Emerson, Frederick, 1788-1857 / [1830, c1829] The North American arithmetic: part first, containing elementary lessons