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Hows, John W. S. (John William Stanhope), 1797-1871 / [1864, c1859] The ladies' reader: designed for the use of schools and family reading circles : comprising choice selections from standard authors, in prose and poetry, with the essential rules of elocution, simplified and arranged for strictly practical use
Quackenbos, John Duncan, 1848-1926 / [c1889] Lessons in geography for little learners
Cutter, John C. (John Clarence), 1851-1909 / [1885] Lessons in hygiene: an elementary text-book on the maintenance of health : with the rudiments of anatomy and physiology and the treatment of emergent cases : comprising also lessons on the action of stimulants and sedatives on the brain and nervous system : adapted for common schools
Mayo, Elizabeth, 1793-1865 / [1863] Lessons on objects, graduated series: designed for children between the ages of six and fourteen years: containing also information on common objects