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Quackenbos, G. P. (George Payn), 1826-1881 / [c1857] Illustrated school history of the United States and the adjacent parts of America: from the earliest discoveries to the present time
Cole, William H., fl. 1870-1898 / [c1870] The institute reader and normal class-book: for the use of teachers' institutes and normal schools, and for self-training in the art of reading
Fisher, George, accomptant / [1792] The instructor, or, Young man's best companion: containing, spelling, reading, writing and arithmetic, in an easier way than any yet published ... how to write letters on business or friendship, forms of indentures, bonds, bills of sale [etc.], merchants accompts ... the method of measuring carpenters, joiners, sawyers [etc.] work, how to undertake each work, and at what price ... the practical gauger made easy, the art of dialing ... with instructions for dying, colouring, and making colours, and some general observations for gardening every month in the year : to which are added, the family's best companion, and a compendium of geography and astronomy : also, some useful interest tables
Colburn, Warren, 1793-1833 / [c1826] Intellectual arithmetic: upon the inductive method of instruction
Pierpont, John, 1785-1866 / [c1835] Introduction to the national reader: a selection of easy lessons : designed to fill the same place in the common schools of the United States, that is held by Murray's introduction, and the compilations of Guy, Mylius, and Pinnock, in those of Great Britain
Young, Andrew W. (Andrew White), 1802-1877 / [1836] Introduction to the science of government, and compend of constitutional and civil jurisprudence: comprehending a general view of the government of the United States, and of the government of the state of New York, together with the most important provisions in the constitutions of the several states