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[1832] The Fashionable American letter writer, or, The art of polite correspondence: containing a variety of plain and elegant letters on business, love, courtship, marriage, relationship, friendship, &c : with forms of complimentary cards : to the whole is prefixed directions for letter writing, and rules for composition
Eggleston, Edward, 1837-1902 / [c1889] A first book in American history: with special reference to the lives and deeds of great Americans
Goff, Milton B. (Milton Browning), 1831-1890 / [c1876] First book in arithmetic
Moore, Marinda Branson. / [1863] The first Dixie reader: designed to follow the Dixie primer
Tower, David B. (David Bates), 1808-1868 / [1855, c1853] First lessons in language, or, Elements of English grammar
Maglathlin, Henry B. (Henry Bartlett), 1819-1910 / [c1881] First lessons in numbers: oral and written
Swinton, William, 1833-1892 / [c1872] First lessons in our country's history: bringing out its salient points, and aiming to combine simplicity with sense
Monroe, Lewis B. (Lewis Baxter), 1825?-1879 / [c1873] The first reader