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[c1880] Elementary geography
Webster, Noah, 1758-1843 / [1807] Elements of useful knowledge: containing a historical and geographical account of the United States : for the use of schools, Vol. 1
Murray, Lindley, 1745-1826 / [1827] The English reader, or Pieces in prose and poetry: selected from the best writers : designed to assist young persons to read with propriety and effect, to improve their language and sentiments, and to inculcate some of the most important principles of piety and virtue : with a few preliminary observations on the principles of good reading
Ellis, Edward Sylvester, 1840-1916 / [1896] Epochs in American history,
Nietz, John A. (John Alfred), 1888-1970 / [1966] The evolution of American secondary school textbooks: rhetoric & literature, algebra, geometry, natural history (zoology), botany, natural philosophy (physics), chemistry, Latin and Greek, French, German & world history as taught in American Latin grammar school academies and early high schools before 1900
Parker, Richard Green, 1798-1869 / [1855, c1849] Exercises in rhetorical reading: with a series of introductory lessons, particularly designed to familiarize readers with the pauses and other marks in general use, and lead them to the practice of modulation and inflection of the voice
Blanchard, Clyde Insley, 1888- / [c1945] Expert shorthand speed course: teacher's handbook,