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Willard, Emma, 1787-1870 / [1846, c1843] Abridged history of the United States, or, Republic of America
Workman, Benjamin. / [1793] The American accountant, or, Schoolmasters' new assistant
Kimber, Thomas, fl. 1815 / [1812] The American class book, or, A collection of instructive reading lessons: adapted to the use of schools : selected from Blair's class book, etc
Chapman, J. G. (John Gadsby), 1808-1889 / [1847] The American drawing-book: a manual for the amateur, and basis of study for the professional artist : especially adapted to the use of public and private schools, as well as home instruction
Pierpont, John, 1785-1866 / [1836, c1835] The American first class book, or, Exercises in reading and recitation: selected principally from modern authors of Great Britain and America, and designed for the use of the highest class in public and private schools
[185- ] The American lady's and gentleman's modern letter writer: relative to business, duty, love, and marriage
Frost, John, 1800-1859 / [1845, c1836] The American speaker: containing numerous rules, observations, and exercises on pronunciation, pauses, inflections, accent, and emphasis : also, copious extracts in prose and poetry, calculated to assist the teacher, and to improve the pupil in reading and recitation
Webster, Noah, 1758-1843 / [1809, c1804] The American spelling book: containing the rudiments of the English language : for the use of schools in the United States
Blair, Hugh, 1718-1800 / [1822] An abridgment of lectures on rhetorick
Phillips, R. (Richard), Sir, 1767-1840 / [1806] An easy grammar of geography: intended as a companion and introduction to the "Geography on a popular plan for schools and young persons" by the same author : with maps
Webster, Noah, 1758-1843 / [1839, c1831] An improved grammar of the English language
Townsend, Calvin, d. 1881 / [1869, c1868] Analysis of civil government: including a topical and tabular arrangement of the Constitution of the United States : designed as a class-book for the use of grammar, high, and normal schools, academies, and other institutions of learning
Edwards, Richard, 1822-1908 / [c1867] Analytical fourth reader: containing practical directions for reading, a thorough method of thought-analysis, a critical phonic analysis of English words, and a large number of new and valuable selections in readings
Putnam, Samuel, of Portsmouth, N.H / [1828, c1826] The analytical reader: containing lessons in simultaneous reading & defining, with spelling from the same : to which are added, questions, and references to an appendix, containing sketches of characters, persons and places alluded to in the work
Hill, John, Gent / [1772] Arithmetick, both in the theory and practice: made plain and easy in all the common and useful rules
[1826] The art of reading, or, Rules for the attainment of a just and correct enunciation of written language: mostly selected from Walker's Elements of elocution, and adapted to the use of schools
Jenkins, John, 1755?-1823 / [1813] The art of writing, reduced to a plain and easy system: on a plan entirely new, in seven books