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Sanders, Charles W. (Charles Walton), 1805-1889 / [1862, c1856] Sanders' high school reader: embracing a comprehensive course of instruction in the principles of rhetorical reading : with a choice collection of exercises in reading, both in prose and poetry, for the use of the higher classes in schools of every grade
Sanders, Charles W. (Charles Walton), 1805-1889 / [1880, c1866] Sanders' union pictorial primer: introductory to the Union readers
Greene, J. W. (James Whitman) / [c1852] School melodies: containing a choice collection of popular airs with original and appropriate words composed expressly for the use of schools
Sanders, Charles W. (Charles Walton), 1805-1889 / [c1858] The school reader: containing easy progressive lessons in reading and spelling, First book
Sheldon, L. W. / [c1901] Sheldon's Twentieth century letter writer: an up-to-date and accurate guide to correct modern letter writing
Alcott, William A. (William Andrus), 1798-1859 / [1857] Slate and black board exercises
Holmes, George F. (George Frederick), 1820-1897 / [c1866] The Southern pictorial third reader: for schools and families
Enfield, William, 1741-1797 / [1803] Speaker, or, Miscellaneous pieces: selected from the best English writers and diposed under proper heads, with a view to facilitate the improvement of youth in reading and speaking : to which is prefixed an essay on elocution
Hazen, Edward. / [c1829] The speller and definer, or, Class-book no. 2: designed to answer the purposes of a spelling book and to supersede the necessity of the use of a dictionary as a class-book
Spencer, Platt R. (Platt Rogers), 1800-1864 / [c1873-84] Spencerian system of penmanship
Sargent, Epes, 1813-1880 / [1861, c1852] The standard speaker: containing exercises in prose and poetry for declamation in schools, academies, lyceums, colleges, newly translated or compiled from celebrated orators, authors, and popular debaters, ancient and modern, a treatise on oratory and elocution, notes explanatory and biographical
Mitchell, S. Augustus (Samuel Augustus), 1792-1868 / [1840, c1839] A system of modern geography, comprising a description of the present state of the world and its five great divisions: America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceanica : with their several empires, kingdoms, states, territories, &c. ... illustrated by an atlas of sixteen maps, drawn and engraved to accompany the work