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Pinneo, T. S. (Timothy Stone), 1804-1893 / [c1847] The Hemans reader for female schools: containing extracts in prose and poetry
Goodrich, Charles A. (Charles Augustus), 1790-1862 / [1825, c1822] A history of the United States of America: on a plan adapted to the capacity of youth, and designed to aid the memory by systematick arrangement and interesting associations : illustrated by engravings
Hale, Salma, 1787-1866 / [1835, c1826] History of the United States: from their first settlement as colonies, to the close of the war with Great Britain in 1815 : to which are added questions, adapted to the use of schools
Smith, William Thayer, 1839-1909 / [c1884] The human body and its health : a text-book for schools, having special reference to the effects of stimulants and narcotics on the human system
Woman's Christian Temperance Union, National Department of Scientific Instruction. / [c1885] Hygiene for young people: adapted to intermediate classes and common schools