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Da Ponte, Lorenzo, 1749-1838. / [1807] Storia compendiosa della vita di Lorenzo Da Ponte /
Dabney, Robert Lewis, 1820-1898. / [1867] A defence of Virginia : (and through her, of the South) in recent and pending contests against the sectional party /
Dakota. Dept. of Immigration and Statistics. / [1889?] The year of statehood, 1889, Dakota : official guide containing useful information in handy form for settlers and home-seekers, concerning North and South Dakota.
Dallas, Alexander James, 1759-1817. / [1815] An exposition of the causes and character of the late war with Great Britain.
Dallas, George Mifflin, 1792-1864. / [1846] The casting vote of Vice-President Dallas on the tariff of 1846.
Dallas, George Mifflin, 1792-1864. / [1831] An address delivered in the church at Princeton, the evening before the annual commencement of the College of New-Jersey, September 27, 1831 /
Dalton, Henry G. / [1855] The history of British Guiana : comprising a general description of the colony ; a narrative of some of the principal events from the earliest period of its discovery to the present time ; together with an account of its climate, geology, staple products, and natural history / v.1
Dame, Luther. / [1884?] Life and character of Sir William Pepperrell /
Darby, William, 1775-1854. / [1824] Darby's repository. v.1:no.1/2
Darnell, Elias, d. 1861 / [1814] A journal, containing an accurate and interesting account of the hardships, sufferings, battles, defeat, and captivity of those heroic Kentucky volunteers and regulars : commanded by General Winchester, in the year 1812 & 1813. Also, Two narratives, by men, that were wounded in the battles on the River Raisin, and taken captives by the Indians /
Dauphin County (Pa.). Treasurer. / [1790] State of the accounts of John Thome, Esquire, treasurer of Dauphin County, from the time the county was erected until the 24th September, 1789.
Davidson, Alexander. / [1874] A complete history of Illinois from 1673 to 1873 : embracing the physical features of the country, its early explorations, aboriginal inhabitants, French and British occupation, conquest by Virginia, territorial condition, and the subsequent civil, military and political events of the state /
Davies, Benjamin. / [1810] The bank torpedo, or, Bank notes proved to be a robbery on the public, and the real cause of the distresses of the poor /
Davis, George Lynn-Lachlan / [1855] The Day-star of American freedom, or, The birth and early growth of toleration, in the province of Maryland : with a sketch of the colonization upon the Chesapeake and its trobutaries, preceding the removal of the government from St. Mary's to Annapolis /
Davis, George Lynn-Lachlan. / [1860] A paper upon the origin of the Japan Expedition : read the 7th of May, 1857, before the Maryland Historical Society /
Davis, W. W. H. (William Watts Hart), 1820-1910. / [1868] Sketch of the life and character of John Lacey : a brigadier general in the Revolutionary Army /
Davis, Walter Bickford. / [1876] An illustrated history of Missouri : comprising its early record, and civil, political, and military history from the first exploration to the present time, including an encyclopaedia of legislation during the administrations of the governors from M'Nair, 1820, to Hardin, 1876 ; with the topography, geology, and geography of the state ; historical sketches of religious denominations ; of schools and colleges ; of the counties separately, embracing narratives of pioneer life, personal reminiscences, description of localities, soil, and climate ; agricultural, commercial and educational advantages, and biographical sketches of prominent citizens /
Dawe, George, 1781-1829. / [1807] The life of George Morland, with remarks on his works /
Dawson, Moses, 1768-1844 / [1824] A historical narrative of the civil and military services of Major-General William H. Harrison: and a vindication of his character and conduct as a statesman, a citizen, and a soldier ; with a detail of his negotiations and wars with the Indians, until the final overthrow of the celebrated chief Tecumseh, and his brother the Prophet ; the whole written and compiled from original and authentic documents furnished by many of the most respectable characters in the United States
De Lancey, William Heathcote, 1797-1865. / [1827] Three letters; one to the Committee of Correspondence; one to "Plain Truth, Junior;" and one to "Plain Fact;" in support of the "Candid address" to the Episcopalians of Pennsylvania on the affairs of the diocese /
De Schweinitz, Edmund Alexander, 1825-1887. / [1870] The life and times of David Zeisberger : the western pioneer and apostle of the Indians /
De Witt, William R. (William Radcliffe), 1792-1867. / [1858] A discourse preached before the church and congregation of Middle Spring, Cumberland County, Pa., on the death of the Rev. John Moody, D.D. : their late pastor, December 26, 1857 /
Dean, Thomas, 1783-1843. / [1918] Journal of Thomas Dean : a voyage to Indiana in 1817.
Dearborn, Nathaniel, 1786-1852. / [1849] Guide through Mount Auburn : with Forty-Six engravings of the monuments for the benefit of strangers desirous of seeing the clusters of monuments with the least trouble, with the established rules for the preservation of the cemetery, purchase of lots, and other concerns : with an engraved plan of the cemetery /
Debar, Joseph Hubert Diss. / [1870] The West Virginia hand-book and immigrant's guide : a sketch of the state of West Virginia ... /
Decatur, Stephen, 1779-1820. / [1820] Correspondence, between the late Commodore Stephen Decatur and Commodore James Barron, which led to the unfortunate meeting of the twenty-second of March.
Delafield, John, 1812-1866. / [1834] A brief topograhpical description of the county of Washington, in the state of Ohio /
Delaware County Institute of Science (Delaware County, Pa.) / [1844] Report of a committee of the Delaware County Institute of Science on the great rain storm and flood, which occurred in that county on the fifth of August, 1843 : with a map of the county.
Develin, Dora Harvey. / [1906] Some historical spots in Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania /
Dewees, William Bluford, 1799-1878. / [1852] Letters from an early settler of Texas /
Dibdin, Charles, 1745-1814. / [1844] The songs of Charles Dibdin : chronologically arranged, with notes, historical, biographical, and critical ; and the music of the best and most popular of the melodies, with new piano-forte accompaniments, to which is prefixed a memoir of the author /
Diffenderffer, Frank R. (Frank Ried), 1833-1921. / [1876] The Three Earls : an historical sketch, and proceedings of the centennial jubilee, held at New Holland, Pa., July 4, 1876.
Dillon, John B. (John Brown), 1808?-1879. / [1843] The history of Indiana, from its earliest exploration by Europeans, to the close of the territorial government in 1816 : with an introduction containing historical notes of the discovery and settlement of the territory of the United States northwest of the River Ohio.
Dillon, John B. (John Brown), 1808?-1879. / [1859, c1858] A history of Indiana, from its earliest exploration by Europeans to the close of the territorial government, in 1816 : comprehending a history of the discovery, settlement, and civil and military affairs of the territory of the U.S. northwest of the River Ohio, and a general view of the progress of public affairs in Indiana, from 1816 to 1856 /
Dills, R. S. / [1881] History of Greene County : together with historic notes on the Northwest, and the state of Ohio ... /
Ditterline, T. (Theodore). / [1863] Sketch of the battles of Gettysburg, July 1st, 2d, and 3d, 1863 : with an account of the movements of the respective armies for some days previous thereto.
Dix, Dorothea Lynde, 1802-1887. / [1848] Memorial of D. L. Dix, praying an appropriation of land for the relief of the insane.
Dixon, William Hepworth, 1821-1879. / [1851] William Penn : an historical biography; with an extra chapter on the Macaulay charges /
Doddridge, Joseph, 1769-1826. / [1876] Notes on the settlement and Indian wars of the western parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania, from 1763 to 1783, inclusive : together with a view of the state of society, and manners of the first settlers of the western country /
Doddridge, Joseph, 1769-1826. / [1817] An oration delivered before the Masonic Society of Wellsburgh and its vicinity on St. John's Day, June 24th, 1817 /
Dodge, J. R. (Jacob Richards), 1823-1902. / [1865] West Virginia : its farms and forests, mines and oilwells ; with a glimpse of its scenery, a photograph of its population, and an exhibit of its industrial statistics /
Dodge, Richard Irving, 1827-1895. / [1877] The plains of the great West and their inhabitants : being a description of the plains, game, Indians, &c., of the great North American desert /
Donaldson, Thomas, 1815-1877. / [1849] American colonial history : an address /
Dorr, Benjamin, 1796-1869. / [1861] A memoir of John Fanning Watson : the annalist of Philadelphia and New York ; prepared by request of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and read in their hall, Monday evening, February 11, 1861 /
Doyle, John Andrew, 1844-1907. / [1882-1907] English colonies in America / v.2
Drake, Daniel, 1785-1852. / [1870] Pioneer life in Kentucky : a series of reminiscential letters from Daniel Drake, M.D., to his children /
Drake, Samuel Adams, 1833-1905. / [1875] Nooks and corners of the New England coast /
Drake, Samuel Gardner, 1798-1875. / [1870] A particular history of the five years French and Indian war in New England and parts adjacent : from its declaration by the King of France, March 15, 1744, to the treaty with the eastern Indians, Oct. 16, 1749, sometimes called Gov. Shirley's war ; with a memoir of Major-General Shirley, accompanied by his portrait and other engravings /
Duane, William J. (William John), 1780-1865. / [1809] The law of nations, investigated in a popular manner : addressed to the farmers of the United States /
Duane, William, 1760-1835. / [1804] Report of a debate in the Senate of the United States : on a resolution for recommending to the legilatures of the several states, an amendment to the third paragraph of the first section of the second article of the Constitution of the United States, relative to the mode of electing a president and vice president of the said states /
Duane, William, 1760-1835. / [1807] Politics for American farmers : being a series of tracts, exhibiting the blessings of free government, as it is administered in the United States, compared with the boasted stupendous fabric of British monarchy /
Duane, William, 1760-1835. / [1807] Experience the test of government : in eighteen essays /
Duane, William, 1808-1882. / [1844] A view of the relation of landlord and tenant in Pennsylvania : as affected by acts of Assembly and judicial decisions /
Duché, Jacob, 1738-1798. / [1775] The American vine : a sermon preached in Christ-Church, Philadelphia, before the honourable Continental Congress, July 20th, 1775 /
Duer, John, 1782-1858. / [1848] A discourse on the life, character, and public services of James Kent : late chancellor of the state of New-York delivered by request, before the judiciary and bar of the city and state of New-York, April 12, 1848 /
Duer, William Alexander, 1780-1858. / [1817] A letter, addressed to Cadwallader D. Colden, esquire : in answer to the strictures, contained in his "Life of Robert Fulton", upon the report of the select committee, to whom was referred a memorial relative to steam navigation, presented to the Legislature of New-York, at the session of 1814. With an appendix, containing the several laws concerning steam boats; the petitions presented for their modification; and the reports of select committees thereupon &c., &c., &c.
Dufief, N. G. (Nicolas Gouin) 1776?-1834. / [1806] The logic of facts : or, The conduct of Wm. Rawle ... towards N. G. Dufief, arraigned before the tribunal of public opinion: with a letter to the subscribers and purchasers of the first edition of Nature displayed ... The whole interspersed with notes, moral, critical and philosophical /
Duis, E. / [1874] The good old times in McLean County, Illinois : containing two hundred and sixty-one sketches of old settlers, a complete historical sketch of the Black Hawk war and descriptions of all matters of interest relating to McLean County /
Dunglison, Robley, 1798-1869. / [1844] A public discourse in commemoration of Peter S. Du Ponceau : LL. D., late president of the American philosophical society, delivered before the society pursuant to appointment, on the 25h of October, 1844 /
Dunlop, James, 1795-1856. / [n.d.] Forensic tour in the United States /
Durrie, Daniel S. (Daniel Steele), 1819-1892. / [1874] A history of Madison, the capital of Wisconsin : including the Four lake country ; to July, 1874, with an appendix of notes on Dane county and its towns /
Dwight, Timothy, 1752-1817. / [1823] Travels in New-England and New-York / v.2
Dwight, Timothy, 1752-1817. / [1823] Travels in New-England and New-York / v.1