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Fisher, Richard Swainson. / [1852] Gazetteer of the state of Maryland /
Hewett, D. (Daniel), d. 1856 / [1826] Gazetteer of the United States, concise and comprehensive, in which the states are considered under four general divisions, Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western, one small volume devoted to each section. v. 1
Tuttle, Charles R. (Charles Richard), b. 1848. / [1874, c1873] General history of the state of Michigan : with biographical sketches, portrait engravings, and numerous illustrations : a complete history of the peninsular state from its earliest settlement to the present time /
Amory, Thomas C. (Thomas Coffin), 1812-1889. / [1875] General Sullivan not a pensioner of Luzerne (Minister of France at Philadelphia, 1778-1783) : with the report of the New Hampshire Historical Society, vindicating him from the charge made by George Bancroft.
Jackson, Isaac R. (Isaac Rand), d. 1843. / [1840] General William Henry Harrison, candidate of the people for president of the United States.
Rupp, I. Daniel, (Israel Daniel), 1803-1878. / [1837] The geographical catechism of Pennsylvania, and the western states : designed as a guide and pocket companion, for travellers and emigrants, to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Missouri : containing a geographical and early historical account of these several states, from their first settlement up to the present time /
Blackie, Christina. / [1887] Geographical etymology : a dictionary of place-names giving their derivations /
Baldwin, C. C. (Charles Candee), 1834-1895. / [1884] The geographical history of Ohio. An address delivered at the Annual reunion of the Pioneers of the Mahoning Valley at Youngstown, September 10, 1880,
Trego, Charles B., 1794-1874. / [1843] A geography of Pennsylvania : containing an account of the history, geographical features, soil, climate, geology, botany, zoology, population, education, government, finances, productions, trade, railroads, canals &c. of the state : with a separate description of each county, and questions for the convenience of teachers : to which is appended, a travellers' guide, or table of distances on the principal rail road, canal and stage routes in the state /
Kuhns, Oscar, 1856-1929. / [1901] The German and Swiss settlements of colonial Pennsylvania : a study of the so-called Pennsylvania Dutch /
Wayland, John Walter, 1872-1962. / [1907] The German element of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.
Rosengarten, J.G. (Joseph George), 1835-1921. / [1886] The German soldier in the wars of the United States /
Arey, Henry W. / [1857] The Girard College and its founder : containing the biography of Mr. Girard, the history of the institution, its organization and plan of discipline, with the course of education, forms of admission of pupils, description of the buildings, &c. &c., and the will of Mr. Girard /
Weems, M.L. (Mason Locke), 1759-1825. / [1808] God's revenge against murder, or, The drown'd wife : a tragedy, as lately performed, with unbounded applause (of the devil and his court) by Ned Findley, Esquire, one of the grand company of tragedians in the service of the Black Prince, who was so highly gratified with Ned's performance, that he instantly provided him rooms in one of his own palaces created him a knight of the most ignoble Order of the halter, clapped bracelets on his wrists, and an ornament round his neck ; and in a few days promoted him to the ridge pole of the gallows, at Edgefield Court-house, South Carolina /
Payson, George, 1824-1893. / [1853] Golden dreams and leaden realities /
Duis, E. / [1874] The good old times in McLean County, Illinois : containing two hundred and sixty-one sketches of old settlers, a complete historical sketch of the Black Hawk war and descriptions of all matters of interest relating to McLean County /
Budd, Thomas, d. 1698. / [1865] Good order established in Pennsylvania and New-Jersey, in America : being a true account of the country; with its produce and commodities there made in the year 1685 /
Brainerd, David, 1718-1747. / [1856] The gospel the only true reformer : Brainerd's remarks on the work of grace under his ministry among the Indians at Croswicks, N. J. /
McMichael, William. / [1855] The government of the Methodist Episcopal Church, anti-Republican and despotic /
[1867] Grand mass meeting at the Cooper Institute : nomination of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant to the presidency, Wednesday, Dec. 4, 1867.
Woodward, William Wallis. / [1809] Gratis catalogue of books for 1809 /
Wilson, William, 1803-1873. / [1848] The great American question, democracy vs. doulocracy, or, Free soil, free labor, free men, & free speech, against the extension and domination of the slaveholding interest : a letter addressed to each freeman of the United States, with special reference to his duty at the approaching election /
Phillips, Lawrence B. (Lawrence Barnett), 1842-1922. / [1881] The great index of biographical reference : containing over one hundred thousand names ; together with a classed index of the biographical literature of Europe and America /
Butler, William Francis, Sir, 1833-1910. / [1874] The great lone land : a narrative of travel and adventure in the North-west of America /
Wise, H.A., (Henry Augustus), 1819-1869. / [1849] Los gringos or, an inside view of Mexico and California : with wandering in Peru, Chili, and Polynesia /
Beckett, S.B. (Sylvester Breakmore), 1812-1882. / [1853] Guide book of the Atlantic and St. Lawrence, and St. Lawrence and Atlantic rail roads : including a full description of all the interesting features of the White Mountains /
Dearborn, Nathaniel, 1786-1852. / [1849] Guide through Mount Auburn : with Forty-Six engravings of the monuments for the benefit of strangers desirous of seeing the clusters of monuments with the least trouble, with the established rules for the preservation of the cemetery, purchase of lots, and other concerns : with an engraved plan of the cemetery /