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Carrington, Margaret Irvin, 1831-1870. / [1869] Ab-sa-ra-ka, home of the Crows : being the experience of an officer's wife on the plains, and marking the vicissitudes of peril and pleasure during the occupation of the new route to Virginia City, Montana, 1866-7, and the Indian hostilities thereto ; with outlines of the natural features and resources of the land, tables of distances, maps and other aids to the traveler ; gathered from observation and other reliable sources.
Garneau, F.X. (François Xavier), 1809-1866. / [1856] Abrégé de l'histoire du Canada depuis sa découverte jusqu'á 1840 : a l'usage des maisons d'education /
Freemasons. Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. / [1800-] Abstract of the proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania / v. 6 no.20 June 4th, 1855
Virginia Company of London. / [1888-89] Abstract of the proceedings of the Virginia Company of London, 1619-1624 / n.s. v. 7
Virginia Company of London. / [1888-89] Abstract of the proceedings of the Virginia Company of London, 1619-1624 / n.s. v. 8
Bucks County (Pa.). Treasurer. / [1787] Account of the taxes of Bucks county.
Chester County (Pa.). Treasurer. / [1790] Account of the taxes of Chester County.
Philadelphia County (Pa.). Treasurer. The accounts of Isaac Snowden, Esq. : treasurer of the city and county of Philadelphia.
Chester County (Pa.). Treasurer. / [1790] Accounts of the taxes of Chester County.
Huntingdon County (Pa.). Treasurer. / [1790] Accounts of the taxes of Huntingdon County.
Great Britain. Parliament. / [1818] Acts of Parliament of the 27th June, 1805 and the 30th June, 1808 : April 4, 1818 ; printed by order of the House of Represenatives of the United States.
Great Britain. Parliament. / [1819] Acts of the Parliament of Great Britain : January 27, 1819 ; printed by order of the Senate.
United States. Continental Congress. / [1783] Address and recommendations to the states /
Stockton, T.H. (Thomas Hewlings), 1808-1868. / [1861] Address by Thomas H. Stockton, Chaplain U.S.H.R. : delivered in the Hall of the House of Representatives, on the day of national humiliation, fasting, and prayer, Friday, January 4, 1861.
Turner, Samuel H. (Samuel Hulbeart), 1790-1861. / [1858] Address delivered before the alumni of the General Theological Seminary : in St. Peter's Church, on Friday evening, October 8th, 1858 /
Kennedy, John Pendleton, 1795-1870. / [1851] Address delivered before the Maryland Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts : on the occasion of the opening of the fourth annual exhibition, on the 21st October, 1851, being the first exhibition in the new hall of the institute /
Elder, William, 1806-1885. / [1839] Address delivered before the Penn Institute at the first meeting after its organization, February 28, 1839 /
Baird, Thomas H. (Thomas Harlan), 1787-1866. / [1850] Address delivered before the Washington Literary Institute, on the 13th day of March, 1848 /
Quincy, Josiah, 1772-1864. / [1856] Address illustrative of the nature and power of the slave states, and the duties of the free states : delivered at the request of the inhabitants of the town of Quincy, Mass., on Thursday, June 5, 1856 /
Carter, John P., A.M. / [1857] Address of Rev. John P. Carter, A.M., delivered at his installation as president of the Ashmun Institute, December 31, 1856.
Central Clay Club (Allegheny, Pa.) / [1844] Address of the executive committee of the Central Clay Club of Allegheny County.
Republican General Committee of Young Men of the City and County of New-York. / [1828] Address of the Republican General Committee of Young Men of the City and County of New-York, friendly to the election of Gen: Andrew Jackson to the presidency, to the Republican electors of the state of New-York.
Republican Party (Pa. : 1792-1828) / [1808] Address of the State Committee of Correspondence, to the citizens of Pennsylvania.
Massachusetts. General Court. / [1848] Address of the Whigs of the Legislature of Massachusetts to the Whigs of the Union.
Black, Joh, 1752-1813. / [1800] Address to the Federal Republicans of Burlington County /
Breckinridge, John C. (John Cabell), 1821-1875. / [1848] Address to the Franklinian Society.
Halsted, Oliver S. (Oliver Spencer), 1792-1877. / [1844] Address upon the character of the late the Hon. Isaac H. Williamson : delivered before the bar of New-Jersey, September 3d, 1844 /
Lapham, Increase Allen, 1811-1875. / [1866] Addresses of Hon. I. A. Lapham, LL.D., and Hon. Edward Salomon : at the dedication of the rooms in the south wing of the Capitol for the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Wednesday evening, January 24, 1866, published by vote of the Legislature.
Chillicothe Association for Promoting Morality and Good Order. / [1815] Addresses of the Chillicothe association : for promoting morality and good order, to their fellow-citizens, on profane swearing, the violation of the Sabbath, and the intemperate use of ardent spirits.
Ruxton, George Federick Augustus, 1820-1848. / [1848] Adventures in Mexico and the Rocky Mountains / v.1
Ruxton, George Federick Augustus, 1820-1848. / [1848] Adventures in Mexico and the Rocky Mountains / v.2
Tomkins, Simon. / [1868?] The adventures of a strolling player : an autobiography /
Smith, John 1580-1631. / [1865] Advertisements for the unexperienced planters of New England, or anywhere : or, the pathway to erect a plantation /
Green, Ashbel, 1762-1848. / [1813] Advice and exhortation : addressed to the people of the Second Presbyterian Congregation in Philadelphia on resigning the pastoral charge of that congregation /
Bolles, John A. (John Augustus) 1809-1878. / [1842] The affairs of Rhode Island : being a review of President Wayland's "discourse" ; a vindication of the sovereignty of the people, and a refutation of the doctrines and doctors of the despotism /
Thwaites, Reuben Gold, 1853-1913. / [1900, c1897] Afloat on the Ohio : an historical pilgrimage of a thousand miles in a skiff, from Redstone to Cairo /
Buxton, Thomas Fowell, Sir, 1786-1845. / [1839] The African slave trade /
Sheppard, Moses. / [1854] African slave trade in Jamaica : and comparative treatment of slaves ; read before the Maryland Historical Society, October, 1854.
Paine, Thomas, 1737-1809. / [1797?] Agrarian justice, opposed to agrarian law, and to agrarian monopoly : being a plan for meliorating the condition of man, by creating in every nation, a national fund, to pay to every person, when arrived at the age of twenty-one years, the sum of fifteen pounds sterling, to enable him or her to begin the world! And also, ten pounds sterling per annum during life to every person now living of the age of fifty years, and to all others when they shall arrive at the age, to enable them to live in old age without wretchedness, and to enable them to live in old age without wretchedness, and go decently out of the world /
Kenney, Lucy. / [1830?] Alexander the great, or, the learned camel.
United States. / [1815] All the treaties between the United States and Great Britain : from the definitive treaty of peace, signed at Paris, 1783: to the treaty of peace, signed at Ghent, 1814 /
Babbitt, E.L. / [1855] The Allegheny pilot : containing a complete chart of the Allegheny River showing the islands and bars and low water channel, from Warren to Pittsburgh, with directions for navigating the same with rafts, flat-boats, etc. ... Also a variety of historical matter, containing reminiscences of places along the river and many incidents which transpired in the early history of the country, both civil and military, and an abridged history of the aborigines of the country through which the river passes, with biographical sketches ... Also, a table of distances for all ... principal western navigable rivers /
Krebs, John M. (John Michael), 1804-1867. / [C. Scribner,] The American citizen : a discourse on the nature and extent of our religious subjection to the government under which we live: including an inquiry into the Scriptural authority of that provision of the Constitution of the United States, which requires the surrender of fugitive slaves /
Donaldson, Thomas, 1815-1877. / [1849] American colonial history : an address /
Goddard, S. A. (Samuel Aspinwall), 1796-1886. / [1870] The American rebellion : letters on the American rebellion /
Spears, John Randolph, 1850-1936. / [1900] The American slave-trade : an account of its origin, growth and suppression /
Boardman, Henry A. (Henry Augustus), 1808-1880. / [1851] The American union: a discourse delivered on Thursday, December 12, 1850, the day of the annual thanksgiving in Pennsylvania, and repeated on Thursday, December 19, in the Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia /
Duché, Jacob, 1738-1798. / [1775] The American vine : a sermon preached in Christ-Church, Philadelphia, before the honourable Continental Congress, July 20th, 1775 /
Armand, 1806-1889. / [1858] Amerikanische Jagd- und Reiseabenteuer aus meinem Leben in den westlichen Indianergebieten /
[n.d.] An abstract of the debate in the House of Represenatives of the United States, on the General Appropriation bill, for 1831, containing the whole of Mr. Burges's two speeches on the subject.
Pike, Zebulon Montgomery, 1779-1813. / [1810] An account of expeditions to the sources of the Mississippi, and through the western parts of Louisiana, to the sources of the Arkansaw, Kans, La Platte, and Pierre Jaun, rivers : performed by order of the government of the United States during the years 1805, 1806, and 1807, and a tour through the interior parts of New Spain, when conducted through these provinces, by order of the captain-general, in the year 1807 /
United States. President (1801-1809 : Jefferson) / [1803] An account of Louisiana : being an abstract of documents, in the offices of the Departments of State and of the Treasury.
Thomas, Gabriel. / [1903] An account of Pennsylvania and West New Jersey /
Newlin, W.H. (William Henry). / [1870] An account of the escape of six federal soldiers from prison at Danville, Va. : their travels by night through the enemy's country to the Union pickets at Gauley Bridge, West Virginia, in the winter of 1863-64 /
Byfield, Nathanael, 1653-1733. / [1865] An account of the late revolution in New England /
Rush, Benjamin, 1746-1813. / [1875] An account of the manners of the German inhabitants of Pennsylvania : written in 1789 /
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790. / [1744] An account of the new invented Pennsylvanian fire-places : wherein their construction and manner of operation is particularly explained, their advantages above every other method of warming rooms demonstrated, and all objections that have been raised against the use of them, answered and obviated : with directions for putting them up, and for using them to the best advantage, and a copper-plate, in which the several parts of the machine are exactly laid down, from a scale of equal parts.
United Illinois and Wabash Land Companies. / [1796] An account of the proceedings of the Ilinois and Ouabache Land Companies : in pursuance of their purchases made of the independent natives, July 5th, 1773, and 18th October, 1775.
Pennsylvania. Treaties, etc. 1745 / [1746] An account of the treaty held at the city of Albany in the province of New York by his excellency the governor of that province, and the honourable the Commissioners for the province of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania with the Indians of the Six Nations, in October 1745.
Josselyn, John, fl. 1630-1675. / [1865] An account of two voyages to New-England : made during the years 1638, 1663 /
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865. / [c1889] An address /
Emerson, G. (Gouverneur), 1796-1874. / [1843] An address delivered at Laurel Hill Cemetery, on the completion of a monument erected to the memory of Thomas Godfrey : June 1st, 1843 /
Harrison, John P. (John Pollard), 1796-1849 / [1837] An address delivered at the twelfth anniversary celebration of the Union Literary Society of Miami University. August 8th, 1837 /
Clinton, DeWitt, 1769-1828. / [1794] An address delivered before Holland Lodge, December 24, 1793 /
Dallas, George Mifflin, 1792-1864. / [1831] An address delivered in the church at Princeton, the evening before the annual commencement of the College of New-Jersey, September 27, 1831 /
Smith, William Loughton, 1758-1812. / [1794] An address from William Smith, of South Carolina, to his constituents.
Morehead, James T. (James Turner), 1797-1854. / [1840] An Address in commemoration of the first settlement of Kentucky : delivered at Boonesborough the 25th May, 1840 /
Sullivan, George, 1771-1838. / [1812] An address of members of the House of Representatives, of the Congress of the United States : to their constituents, on the subject of the war with Great Britain.
Conyngham, Redmond, 1781-1846. / [1842] An address on the early settlement of the Valley of Pequea /
Brown, Charles Brockden, 1771-1810. / [1803] An address to the government of the United States, on the cession of Louisiana to the French : and on the late breach of treaty by the Spaniards ; including the translation of a memorial, on the war of St. Domingo, and cession of the Mississippi to France, drawn up by a French counsellor of state.
Marshall, Humphrey, 1760-1841. / [1796] An address to the people of Kentucky /
[1808] An address to the people of Pennsylvania on the approaching election for governor.
Green, Ashbel, 1762-1848. / [1802] An address to the students and faculty of the College of New-Jersey, delivered May 6th, 1802 /
Clerc, Laurent, 1785-1869. / [1818] An address written by Mr. Clerc, and read by his request at a public examination : of the pupils in the Connecticut Asylum before the governour and both sides of the Legislature, 28th of May 1818.
Armstrong, Edward, 1846-1928. / [1852] An address, delivered at Chester, before the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, on the 8th of November, 1851 /
[1848] An Anglo-Chinese calendar for the year 1848 : corresponding to xxthe year for the Chinese cycle era 4485 or the 45th year of the 75th cycle of sixty being the 28th year of the reign of Taukwang.
Kent, James, 1763-1847. / [1829] An anniversary discourse delivered before the New-York Historical Society, December 6, 1828 /
Cheetham, James, 1772-1810. / [1800] An answer to Alexander Hamilton's Letter, concerning the public conduct and character of John Adams, Esq., president of the United States /
American Republican. / [1809] An answer to Pericles' grand appeal to the nation : on this most important question "Are happiness and freedom consistant with foreign commerce, at all events?" and on the "Necessity or non-necessity of a war" /
[1848] An answer to the charge against Gen. Taylor and his friends, of opposition to naturalized citizens and hostility to Catholics.
Watson, Richard, 1737-1816. / [1797] An apology for the Bible, : in a series of letters, addressed to Thomas Paine, author of a book entitled, "The age of reason, part the second, being an investigation of true and fabulous theology /
[1821] An appeal to the people of the city of New York, on the proposed alternation of the Charter of the City /
Cameron, Archibald, 1771?-1836. / [1811] An appeal to the Scriptures : for their decision relative to the design, extent, and effect of the propitiation made by Jesus Christ /
Mombert, J. I. (Jacob Isidor), 1829-1913. / [1869] An authentic history of Lancaster County : in the state of Pennsylvania /
Thomson, Charles, 1729-1824. / [1759] An enquiry into the causes of the alienation of the Delaware and Shawanese Indians from the British interest : and into the measures taken for recovering their friendship ; extracted from the public treaties, and other authentic papers relating to the transactions of the government of Pensilvania and the said Indians, for near forty years ; and explained by a map of the country ; together with the remarkable journal of Christian Frederic Post, by whose negotiations, among the Indians on the Ohio, they were withdrawn from the interest of the French, who thereupon abandoned the fort and country ; with notes by the editor explaining sundry Indian customs, &c /
Humphreys, David, 1752-1818. / [1818] An essay on the life of the Honourable Major General Israel Putnam : addressed to the state Society of the Cincinnati in Connecticut, and first published by their order /
Porter, William Augustus, 1821-1886. / [1855] An essay on the life, character and writings of John B. Gibson, LL. D. : lately chief justice of the Supreme court of Pennsylvania /
Gilpin, Henry D. (Henry Dilworth), 1801-1860. / [1847] An eulogy on Silas Wright : delivered before the Young Men's Democratic Association of the city and county of Philadelphia on the 12th of November, 1847 /
Fraser, Charles, 1782-1860. / [1807] An eulogy on the character of Lucius Bellinger, esq. : delivered in the Baptist meeting house, in this city, on the evening of the 22nd December, 1806 ; by appointment of the Philomathean society /
Binney, Horace, 1780-1875. / [1835] An eulogy on the life and character of John Marshall : Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, delivered at the request of the councils of Philadelphia, on the 24th September, 1835 /
[n.d.] An examination &c.
Smith, William, 1727-1803. / [1774] An examination of the Connecticut claim to lands in Pennsylvania : with and appendix, containing extracts and copies taken from original papers.
Carey, Mathew, 1760-1839. / [1828] An examination of the Report of a committee of the citizens of Boston : and its vicinity, opposed to a further increase of duties on importation /
United States. Army. Corps of Topographical Engineers / [1852] An expedition to the valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah : including a description of its geography, natural history and minerals, and an analysis of its waters ; with an authentic account of the Mormon settlement ; illustrated by numerous beautiful plates, from drawings taken on the spot, also a reconnoissance [sic!] of a new route through the Rocky Mountains and two large and accurate maps of that region /
Dallas, Alexander James, 1759-1817. / [1815] An exposition of the causes and character of the late war with Great Britain.
Hale, James W. / [1832] An historical account of the Siamese twin brothers, from actual observations.
Forwood, W. Stump (William Stump), 1830-1892. / [1870] An historical and descriptive narrative of the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky : including explanations of the causes concerned in its formation, its atmospheric conditions, its chemistry, geology, zoology, etc., with full scientific details of the eyeless fishes /
Thomas, Gabriel. / [1848] An historical and geographical account of the province and country of Pensilvania, and of West-New Jersey in America : the richness of the soil ... the strange creatures ... the natives ... the first planters, the Dutch, Sweeds and English, with the number of its inhabitants ; as also a touch upon George Keith's new religion, in his second change since he left the Quakers ; with a map of both countries /
Warner, J. J. (Juan José), 1807-1895. / [1876] An historical sketch of Los Angeles County, California : from the Spanish occupancy, by the founding of the Mission San Gabriel Archangel, September 8, 1771, to July 4, 1876.
Phillips, Henry, 1838-1895. / [1862] An historical sketch of the paper money issued by Pennsylvania : together with a complete list of all the dates, issues, amounts, denominations, and signers /
McMahon, John V. L. (John Van Lear), 1800-1871. / [1831] An historical view of the government of Maryland : from its colonization to the present day /
Davis, Walter Bickford. / [1876] An illustrated history of Missouri : comprising its early record, and civil, political, and military history from the first exploration to the present time, including an encyclopaedia of legislation during the administrations of the governors from M'Nair, 1820, to Hardin, 1876 ; with the topography, geology, and geography of the state ; historical sketches of religious denominations ; of schools and colleges ; of the counties separately, embracing narratives of pioneer life, personal reminiscences, description of localities, soil, and climate ; agricultural, commercial and educational advantages, and biographical sketches of prominent citizens /
Egle, William Henry, 1830-1901. / [1876] An illustrated history of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania : civil, political, and military, from its earliest settlement to the present time including historical descriptions of each county in the state, their towns, and industrial resources /
Goodrich, De Witt C. / [1875] An illustrated history of the state of Indiana : being a full and authentic civil and political history of the state from its first exploration down to 1875 ; including an account of the commercial, agricultural and educational growth of Indiana ; with historical and descriptive sketches of the cities, towns and villages ... together with biographical sketches and portraits of the prominent men of the past and present, and a history of each county separately /
Atwater, Jeremiah, 1744-1835. / [1809] An inaugural address delivered at the public commencement of Dickinson College, September 27th 1809 : by Jeremiah Atwater, upon his induction into the office of principal in said college /
Ashburton, Alexander Baring, Baron, 1774-1848. / [1808] An inquiry into the causes and consequences of the Orders in council : and an examination of the conduct of Great-Britain towards the neutral commerce of America /
Caldwell, Charles, 1772-1853. / [1810] An oration commemorative of the character and administration of Washington : delivered before the American Republican Society of Philadelphia, on the 22d day of February, 1810.
Doddridge, Joseph, 1769-1826. / [1817] An oration delivered before the Masonic Society of Wellsburgh and its vicinity on St. John's Day, June 24th, 1817 /
Kean, Peter, 1788?-1828. An oration delivered in the Presbyterian Church at Elizabeth-Town, (N. J.) on Saturday, July 4, 1812.
Brown, John Mason, 1837-1890. / [1882] An oration delivered on the occasion of the centennial commemoration of the battle of the Blue Licks, 19th August, 1882 /
Smith, William, 1727-1803. / [1776] An oration in memory of General Montgomery, and of the officers and soldiers, who fell with him, December 31, 1775, before Quebec; drawn up (and delivered February 19th, 1776.) at the desire of the honorable Continental congress,
Williams, Peter, 1780?-1840. / [1808] An oration on the abolition of the slave trade : delivered in the African church, in the city of New York, January 1, 1808 /
Addison, Alexander, 1759-1807. / [1798] An oration on the rise and progress of the United States of America, to the present crisis : and on the duties of the citizens /
Bristed, John, 1778-1855. / [1814] An oration on the utility of literary establishments : delivered (at the request of the proprietors) at the opening of the literary rooms in New-York, on the eleventh of February, 1814 /
Warner, H.W. (Henry Whiting), 1787-1875. / [1814] An oration, delivered at Washington-Hall, February 22, 1814, before the Washington Benevolent Society, of the City of New-York : in commemoration of the nativity of George Washington /
Hopkins, Samuel Miles, 1772-1837. / [1809] An oration, delivered before the Washington Benevolent Society, in the city of New-York : at Zion Church, on the twenty-second of February, 1809 /
Paterson, William B. / [1815] An oration, delivered February 22d, 1815, before the New-Jersey Washington Benevolent Society, in the city of New-Brunswick /
Wells, John, 1770-1823. / [1798] An oration, delivered on the Fourth of July, 1798, at St. Paul's Church : before the Young Men of the City of New-York, assembled to commemorate their national independence /
Morris, Gouverneur, 1752-1816. / [1814] An oration, delivered on Wednesday, June 29, 1814, at the request of a number of citizens of New-York : in celebration of the recent deliverance of Europe from the yoke of military despotism /
[1815?] An oration, etc.
Ridgely, David, 1790?-1841? / [1841] Annals of Annapolis : comprising sundry notices of that old city from the period of the first settlements in its vicinity in the year 1649, until the war of 1812 : together with various incidents in the history of Maryland, derived from early records, public documents, and other sources ; with an appendix, containing a number of letters from General Washington, and other distinguished persons, which letters have never been published before /
Waddell, Joseph Addison, 1825-1914. / [1886] Annals of Augusta County, Virginia : with reminiscences illustrative of the vicissitudes of its pioneer settlers ; biographical sketches of citizens locally prominent, and of those who have founded families in the southern and western states ; a diary of the War, 1861-'5, and a chapter on reconstruction /
Griffith, Thomas Waters, 1767-1838. / [1833] Annals of Baltimore /
Hazard, Samuel, 1784-1870. / [1850] Annals of Pennsylvania, from the discovery of the Delaware /
Watson, John Fanning, 1779-1860. / [1830] Annals of Philadelphia : being a collection of memoirs, anecdotes, and incidents of the city and its inhabitants, from the days of the Pilgrim which is added an appendix, containing olden time researches and reminiscences of New York city /
Pennypacker, Samuel W. (Samuel Whitaker), 1843-1916. / [1872] Annals of Phoenixville and its vicinity : from the settlement to the year 1871, giving the origin and growth of the borough with information concerning the adjacent townships of Chester and Montgomery counties and the valley of the Schuylkill /
Wasson, John Macamy, b.1810. / [1875] Annals of pioneer settlers on the Whitewater and its tributaries, in the vicinity of Richmond, Ind., from 1804 to 1830 : embracing many biographical sketches, with historical reminiscences ; with an appendix giving a brief historical view of the city of Richmond ; its business, wealth, population, etc., at the present time /
Soulé, Frank. / [1855, c1854] The annals of San Francisco : containing a summary of the history of the first discovery, settlement, progress and present condition of California, and a complete history of ... its great city ; to which are added, biographical memoirs of some prominent citizens /
Clay, Jehu Curtis, 1792-1863. / [1858] Annals of the Swedes on the Delaware from their first settlement in 1636, to the present time /
Perkins, James H. (James Handasyd), 1810-1849. / [1856] Annals of the West : embracing a concise account of principal events which have occurred in the western states and territories, from the discovery of the Mississippi Valley to the year eighteen hundred and fifty-six /
Perkins, James H. (James Handasyd), 1810-1849. / [1850] Annals of the West : embracing a concise account of principal events, which have occurred in the western states and territories, from the discovery of the Mississippi Valley to the year eighteen hundred and fifty /
Campbell, William W., 1806-1881. / [1831] Annals of Tryon county : or, the border warfare of New York, during the revolution /
Morgan, George H. (George Hallenbrooke), b. 1828. / [1858] Annals, comprising memoirs, incidents and statistics of Harrisburg : from the period of its first settlement ; for the past, the present and the future /
Van Wyck, Anthony. / [1867] Annual address before the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Wednesday evening, January 23, 1867 : "History of the people, as illustrated by their monument" /
Carnegie Institute. / [1897-1899] The ... Annual exhibition held at the Carnegie Institute. 1897
Carnegie Institute. / [1897-1899] The ... Annual exhibition held at the Carnegie Institute. 1898
Carnegie Institute. / [1897-1899] The ... Annual exhibition held at the Carnegie Institute. 1899
Kongelige Nordiske oldskriftselskab (Denmark) / [1834] Annual report : Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries at Copenhagen.
New York Historical Society. Annual report and list of members of the New-York Historical Society. 1848
Ohio and Pennsylvania Rail-Road Company. / [1849-] Annual report of the directors of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Rail-Road Company. 1st
Ohio and Pennsylvania Rail-Road Company. / [1849-] Annual report of the directors of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Rail-Road Company. 2nd
Ohio and Pennsylvania Rail-Road Company. / [1849-] Annual report of the directors of the Ohio and Pennsylvania Rail-Road Company. 3rd
Pennsylvania Railroad. / [1847-1858] Annual report of the directors of the Pennsylvania Railroad Co. to the stockholders. 1849
Annual report of the Female Moral Reform Society of the City of New York. 1st
Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. Annual report of the managers of the Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind. 25th
Maryland Historical Society. / [1850-] Annual report of the Maryland Historical Society. 1850
Maryland Historical Society. / [1850-] Annual report of the Maryland Historical Society. 1858
Pennsylvania Training School for Feeble-minded Children. Annual report of the Pennsylvania Training School for Feeble-minded Children. 6th
Ohio. Secretary of State. Annual report of the Secretary of State to the Governor of the State of Ohio for the year ... 1876
Ohio. Secretary of State. Annual report of the Secretary of State to the Governor of the State of Ohio for the year ... 1877
Ohio. Secretary of State. Annual report of the Secretary of State to the Governor of the State of Ohio for the year ... 1878
Unted States. Surveyor General of Pennsylvania. / [1866-] Annual report of the Surveyor General, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ... 1865
Geological Survey of Pennsylvania. / [1838] Annual report on the geological exploration of the state of Pennsylvania /
Plain Truth, Junior. / [1827?] Another candid address to the Episcopalians of Pennsylvania : in relation to the present situation of affairs in the Diocess sic⁾ /
Sullivan, John L. (John Langdon), 1777-1865. The answer of Mr. Sullivan, to the letter and mis-statements of the Hon. Cadwallader D. Colden : as the advocate of the monopoly of steam and fire in navigating the rivers, coasts, and lakes of New York ; the unconstitutionality or limitation of the monopoly demonstrated ; the bad policy and injurious effects of it on the community exposed ; the legality of an extension of the term of time of a patent when for the good of a state, and the just views and claims of patentees in steam navigation fully explained ; supported by opinion of counsel.
Bollaert, William, 1807-1876. / [1860] Antiquarian, ethnological, and other researches in New Granada, Equador, Peru and Chili : with observations on the pre-Incarial, Incarial and other monuments of Peruvian nations /
Kane, Elisha Kent, 1820-1857. / [1856] Arctic explorations in the years 1853,'54,'55 / v.1
Kane, Elisha Kent, 1820-1857. / [1856] Arctic explorations in the years 1853,'54,'55 / v.2
Beecher, Lyman, 1775-1863. / [1814] Are formation of morals practicable and indispensable : a Sermon delivered at New-Haven on the evening of October 27, 1812.
Brackenridge, H.M. (Henry Marie), 1786-1871. / [1849] Argument of H.M. Brackenridge before the Supreme Court in the case of Edmund Greer, et. al. ads. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Fleming, Thomas, 1853-1931. / [1902] Around the Capital with Uncle Hank : recorded together with many pictures /
Fielding, T. H. (Theodore Henry), 1781-1851. / [1844] The art of engraving : with the various modes of operation, under the following different divisions ; etching, soft-ground etching, line engraving, chalk and stipple, aquatint, mezzotint, lithography, wood engraving, medallic engraving, electrography and photography /
Boucherie, Anthony, b. 1746 or 7 / [1819] The art of making whiskey : so as to obtain a better, purer, cheaper and greater quantity of spirit from a given quantity of grain ; also, the art of converting it into gin, after the process of the Holland distillers without any augmentation of price /
Galton, Francis, Sir, 1822-1911. / [1856] The art of travel : or, shifts and contrivances available in wild countries /
Malan, Soloman Caesar, 1812-1894. / [1856] Assurance of faith and possession of salvation : a Scottish anecdote /
Kingsley, Charles, 1819-1875. / [1871] At last : a Christmas in the West Indies /
United States. President (1797-1801 : Adams) / [1798] Authentic copies of the correspondence of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, John Marshall, and Elbridge Gerry, esqrs. : envoys extraordinary and ministers plenipotentiary to the republic of France ; as presented to both houses of Congress, April 3, 1798 /
Magrath, Thomas William. / [1833] Authentic letters from upper Canada : with an account of Canadian field sports /
Washington, George, 1732-1799. / [1868] Authenticated copy of the last will and testament of George Washington, of Mount Vernon : embracing a schedule of his real estate and notes thereto by the testator : to which is added historical notes and biographical sketches /
Young, Jacob, 1776-1859. / [1859, c1857] Autobiography of a pioneer : or, the nativity, experience, travels, and ministerial labors of Rev. Jacob Young, with incidents, observations, and reflections.
Macdonald, Flora, 1722-1790. / [1870] The autobiography of Flora M'Donald : being the home life of a heroine / v.1
Macdonald, Flora, 1722-1790. / [1870] The autobiography of Flora M'Donald : being the home life of a heroine / v.2
Piozzi, Hester Lynch, 1741-1821. / [1861] Autobiography, letters and literary remains of Mrs. Piozzi (Thrale) /