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Title: Col. Henry Bouquet and his campaigns of 1763 and 1764
Authors: Cort, Cyrus, 1834-1920, Westmoreland County (Pa.) Bouquet Memorial Committee, 1883
Publication Info: Lancaster, Pa : Steinman & Hensel, printers, 1883.
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Forbes' Expedition and Dispute with Washington
• ... to be a complete success. Historians agree that thus twenty years were gained in the settlement of Western Pennsylvania. Forbes was a man of courage and sterling merit, and the fact that a commander ...
Pontiac's Conspiracy
• ...e Delawares and neighboring tribes in destroying the garrison at Fort Pitt and the smaller posts in Western Pennsylvania. But Pontiac was the leading spirit of the general movement. April 27, 1763, he ...
A Monument due Bouquet
• ...y Run battle, nearly eleven years ago, I asked the question " does not Westmoreland county, yea all Western Pennsylvania owe a monument to Henry Bouquet?" In my centennial speech at Hannastown, a year ...
Westmoreland County Before and After the War
• ... Laurel Hill. A dozen other counties have since been created out of the same territory, so that for Western Pennsylvania it may be said that "Old Westmoreland" was the mother of counties. Hannastown ...
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