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Title: Annual report of the Surveyor General, of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ... 1865
Author: Unted States. Surveyor General of Pennsylvania.
Publication Info: Harrisburg : Singerly & Myers, 1866-
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• ...sylvania at Virginia prices, if acquired from her. Under these provisions many land titles in south-western Pennsylvania are held by patents based upon Virginia certificates, and west of the Monongahe ...
• ...ns were unheeded; whereupon they-went deeply into a project for a new State, which was to include Western Pennsylvania, Ohio east of the Muskingum, and Virginia north-east of the Kenhawa, with Pitt ...
• ... 19 SURVEYOR GENERAL'S REPORT. North-Western Pennsylvania, was of course disastrous. Emigrants who would otherwise have been attracted to ...
• ...rve, or to other portions ,of the North-Western Territory. Many who had located themselves in North-Western Pennsylvania, wearied with continual litigation, abandoned their claims and removed to the W ...
1 to 4 of 4 hits in this item
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