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Title: Brooke County : being a record of prominent events occurring in Brooke County, W.Va. from the settlement of the country, until January 1, 1882 : also, a list of the marriages and deaths, from January 1, 1870 to 1882
Author: Jacob, J. G. (John G.)
Publication Info: Wellsburg, W.Va. : Printed at the Herald Office, 1882.
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[Chapter I.] Twenty Years and Back
• ...Indians and French to remain in the vicinity, whose Gaelic names still survive them and who gave to Western Pennsylvania and to this entire section the population whose stamina has c-intributed so muc ...
Chapter VIII. Industrial Developments
• dimensions nbout 1796, as to impel President Washington to send an army of 15.000 militia into Western Pennsylvania to suppress it. never took an overt form in Virginia. notwithstan(ding the fact ...
• ... and in connection therewitn a tax upon the stills with which it was manufactured." The people of Western Pennsylvania, and they are not alone in that. were constitu tionally averse to direct taxes ...
• ...m weAe ever prosecuted. Among those who came to Virginia was Col. JameN Marshal, a prominent man in Western Pennsylvania public affairs, and a man of means and enterprise. Being compromised in the whi ...
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