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Title: Annals of Augusta County, Virginia : with reminiscences illustrative of the vicissitudes of its pioneer settlers ; biographical sketches of citizens locally prominent, and of those who have founded families in the southern and western states ; a diary of the War, 1861-'5, and a chapter on reconstruction
Author: Waddell, Joseph Addison, 1825-1914.
Publication Info: Richmond : Wm. Ellis Jones, 1886.
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Chapter I. From the First Settlement to the First County Court [...]
• ...rginia, the States of Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and, as contended by Virginians, a part of western Pennsylvania. The act provided that the two new counties should remain part of the county ...
Chapter VI. Indian Wars, etc., from 1764 to 1775.
• ...hites and Indians was raging. Colonel Bouquet defeated the latter, August 2, 1764, at Bushy Run, in western Pennsylvania. Soon afterward, however, the British government made various efforts to estab ...
Chapter VII. The War of the Revolution, etc., from 1774 to 1783.
• ...e of her charter, all the territory between certain parallels of latitude, which included a part of western Pennsylvania about Pittsburg. Fort Pitt was abandoned as a military post in 1773, but the co ...
• ...unty at that time is somewhat interesting. The minister referred to was the Rev. John McMillan, of Western Pennsylvania, afterwards the Rev. Dr. McMillan, the founder of Jefferson College; and a port ...
Chapter VIII. From the close of the Revolution to the year 1800.
• ... here. While General Wayne was on his expedition against the Indians, the Whiskey Insurrection in Western Pennsylvania culminated. Not being able to transport their grain to market, the people of th ...
• ...without it." Congress, however, passed an act laying a duty on distilled spirits, and the people of Western Pennsylvania rose in rebellion against the tax as unjust and oppressive. Politicians of the ...
Chapter X. From the year 1812 to the year 1833.
• ...cis McFarland, D. D., pastor of Bethel church, was also a native of Ireland, reared and educated in Western Pennsylvania. The Rev. James C. Wilson, D. D., pastor of Tinkling Spring and Waynesborough ...
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