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Title: The Ohio River : a course of empire
Author: Hulbert, Archer Butler, 1873-1933.
Publication Info: New York :, London ;: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1906.
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Chapter I. Introductory: The River, its Place and Power.
• ... experienced and well-educated Moravian missionaries, Heckewelder and Zeisberger, who came into the trans-Allegheny country long before the end of the eighteenth century. Upon such a subject as the me ...
Chapter IV. One of the Vanguard of the Pioneers.
• ...t Kanawha. Some of the prisoners [writes Mr. John P. Hale, great-grandson of Mary Draper, in his Trans-Allegheny Pioneers] were treated very roughly on the route down, and suffered very much; 60 ...
Chapter V. The "Monongahela Country" and its Metropolis.
• ... God-fearing, Bible-loving, Scotch Presbyterian stock from which sprang so large a proportion of trans-Allegheny pioneers"--made the first clearing at the mouth of Wheeling Creek and laid the begin ...
• ...acob, in Ohio Company, 2 1 H Haglin's Town, O., see Mercer's Town Hale, John P., Trans-Allegheny Pioneers, cited, 60 Half King, befriends English, 39, 44; death, 47 Hall, Joseph ...
• ...on, Col. William, mentioned, 20 Thwaites, Reuben Gold, On the Storied Ohio, 98; quoted, 123 Trans-Allegheny Pioneers, Hale, cited, 60 Trent, Capt. William, begins a fort on Ohio, 41 Tr ...
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