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Title: History of the county of Westmoreland, Pennsylvania : with biographical sketches of many of its pioneers and prominent men
Author: Albert, George Dallas.
Publication Info: Philadelphia, Pa. : L.H. Everts & Co., 1882.
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Chapter XVII. Civil Affairs in Westmoreland on the Eve of the Revolution.
• ...ndent States. The members of this Convention took the prescribed battalions both for general and frontier defense; wits chosen a member of tile Convention of July 15, 1776; served as justice of the ...
• regulate the prices of commodities. fIi 1781 tie wits ill conmand t f a battalion of rangers for frontier defense. He was sub-lieutetrant of Westmroreland Co,urty, 1780 -81, arid lieutenant Jan. 5, ...
Chapter XXXVI. The Last of the Border Commotions.
• ...pplied to the President to order out one thousand militia from the western brigades, raised for the frontier defense, to support the commissioners who were authorized to lay out the towns. The brigade ...
• ... of the Council of July 15, 1778, Col. Brodhead's regiment was included in those enumerated for the frontier defense (Archives F. S., vol. vii. 645). ARCHIBALD LOCHRY TO PRESIDENT WHARTON, 1777. ...
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