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Title: Afloat on the Ohio : an historical pilgrimage of a thousand miles in a skiff, from Redstone to Cairo
Author: Thwaites, Reuben Gold, 1853-1913.
Publication Info: New York : Doubleday & McClure, 1900, c1897.
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Chapter III. Shingis Old Town -- The dynamiter -- Yellow Creek [...]
• ... English indifferently called Sarikonk, Sohkon, King Beaver's Town, or Shingis Old Town. During the French and Indian War, the place was prominent as a rendezvous for the enemies of American borderers ...
Chapter XIII. The Scioto, and the Shawanese -- A Night at [...]
• ...tone trading house, which was doubtless, after the manner of the times, a frontier fortress. In the French and Indian war (1758), the Shawanese, tiring of continual conflict, withdrew from their Ohio ...
Appendix A. Historical outline of Ohio Valley settlement.
• ...her outlying post of New Orleans. It is not necessary here to enter into the details of the ensuing French and Indian War, the story of which Parkman has told us so well. Suffice it briefly to mention ...
• ... Great West was theirs, and they proceeded in due time to occupy it. Long before the close of the French and Indian War, English colonists-whom we will now, for convenience, call Americans-had made ...
• ... HISTORICAL OUTLINE blazed the way, but the French and Indian War, and the Revolution soon following, tended to discourage the aspirations of th ...
• ...sted in the valley, through broad acres acquired on land-grants issued for military services in the French and Indian War; Revolutionary bounty claims made him a still larger landholder on Western wat ...
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