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Title: The first explorations of the trans-Allegheny region by the Virginians, 1650-1674
Authors: Alvord, Clarence Walworth, 1868-1928., Bidgood, Lee, 1884-
Publication Info: Cleveland : Arthur H. Clark, 1912.
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The Discovery of the Ohio Waters
• the proof of dominion, then the territory in dispute between France and England, that caused the French and Indian War, belonged by right to the latter, as she claimed; and contemporary pamphle ...
• ...ks Hud son's Bay, 235. Claim to - Missis sippi, 21, 234; Northwest, i8, 202, 203, 249; Ohio, 96 French and Indian War: cause, 21 French Broad River: 82, footnote Frontenac, Count Louis: explora t ...
1 to 2 of 2 hits in this item
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