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Title: The German and Swiss settlements of colonial Pennsylvania : a study of the so-called Pennsylvania Dutch
Author: Kuhns, Oscar, 1856-1929.
Publication Info: New York : H. Holt and company, 1901.
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Chapter II. The Settling of the German Counties of Pennsylvania.
• ...e find the number of Catholics and Protestants given, owing undoubtedly to the fears excited by the French and Indian War. After 1754 practically no information of the above sort is given. I have t ...
Chapter IV. Manners and Customs of the Pennsylvania-German [...]
• ...als das geschichtliche Leben der germanischen Vl61ker." It was said of Captain Wetterholt, in the French and Indian War, that he was "kugelfest." / ...
Chapter V. Language, Literature, and Education.
• ...nts which, in the absence of 21 The cause of the translation at this time was the approach of the French and Indian War; the Mennonites believed that their principles against the bearing of arms wou ...
Chapter VI. The Religious Life.
• ...cture of piety, self-denial, and patient endur ance rarely equalled in the annals of missions. The French and Indian War with its intensified 24 At one time the existence of the Lutheran Church in ...
Chapter VII. In Peace and in War.
• ...; to fly with my family I can't do. I must stay if they all go." 14 In the very forefront of the French and Indian War were the Moravians. No group of people suffered more, did more service, or s ...
• ... IN PEACE AND IN WAR. However active the Germans may have been in the French and Indian War, there can be no doubt about their enthusiasm and patriotism during the Revolu ...
• ...rederick, Colonel, 216 Frederick IV., 18 V., 8 the Wise, 8 Frees, Cornelius, 98 French and Indian War, 56, 133, 169, 203 ff. French Language in English Law, 121 French Revoluti ...
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