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Title: The conspiracy of Pontiac : and the Indian war after the conquest of Canada / v.2
Author: Parkman, Francis, 1823-1893.
Publication Info: Boston : Little, Brown and Company, 1870.
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Chapter XIX. 1763. The War on the Borders.
• ...tion of the Account of Bouquet's Expedition. See also the reprint in the first volume of Clarke's " Ohio Valley Historical Series." 2 An extract from this letter, which is dated May 30, is given on ...
• ... wards the savages, 77; French blood mingles largely with In dian, 78, 215; the French in the Ohio valley, 87; obtain an influ ence over the Iroquois, 88, 89; and over the Indians on the Ohio ...
• ...iver, no Indians dwelt on its banks, i. 155. Ohio Company, formed, and for what purpose, i. 97. Ohio Valley, proposal~ to secure it for the English, i. 96; French settlements there, 62; furthe ...
• ...vicin ity, 100; Ohio Indians at war with the English, 142; estimate of their numbers, 148; the Ohio valley described as it was in 1760, 147 et seq.; its population, 148 et seq.; routes of t ...
1 to 4 of 4 hits in this item
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