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Title: Colonel Henry Bouquet, 60th Royal Americans, 1756-1765 : a biographical sketch
Author: Hutton, Edward Thomas Henry, Sir, 1848-
Publication Info: Winchester : Warren, 1911.
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III. Campaign of 1758.
• ...ew fortified posts, a vast forest of trackless jungle and morass; and the western slope away to the Ohio valley was impenetrable except to the trapper and the Redskin. The many difficulties with which ...
V. The Pontiac Conspiracy, 1762-63.
• ...ibes of the Six Nations inhabiting the shores of the Great Lakes, and the region at the head of the Ohio Valley. The withdrawal of the French, and the consequent transfer of power to the British had u ...
• ... Hemy Bouquet. by Bouquet's officers and men, stood firm. Fort Pitt commanding the Ohio valley was held by Captain Simeon Ecuyer, of the 6oth, and Fort Detroit commanding the water ch ...
1 to 3 of 3 hits in this item
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