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Title: Annals of the West : embracing a concise account of principal events which have occurred in the western states and territories, from the discovery of the Mississippi Valley to the year eighteen hundred and fifty-six
Authors: Perkins, James H. (James Handasyd), 1810-1849., Peck, John Mason, 1789-1858.
Publication Info: Pittsburgh : W. S. Haven, printer, 1856.
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Chronological Table
• ...s the invasion of North-Western Territory. Pitthburghl Gazette conmmenced; first printing in Ohio valley. Jay authorized to yield navigation of Mississippi at a definite term. Pur ...
Period II. 1698-1765
• ...manner claimed, the French made early and vigorous efforts to occupy, and fortify themselves in the Ohio valley. The nature and extent of these efforts may be inferred froni a deposition of Stephen Co ...
• ...hould not be disturbed b1 them. By such means was obtained the first treaty with the Indians in the Ohio valley. All this time the two powers beyond the Atlantic were in a professed state "of profou ...
Period III. 1765-1782
• ...that most lovely region near the Kentucky river, which is the finest portion, perhaps, of the whole Ohio valley. This may be accounted for by the non-residence of the Indians in that district; a dis ...
• ...rnal of his expedition contains some valuable facts in reference to the position of affairs in the Ohio valley at that time. For instance, that the Virginians were rapidly surveying and set tling th ...
• ...m, bright September day-one of those days most lovely among the many pleasant ones of a year in the Ohio valley. And from sunrise till noon, and from noon till night of that day, the hundreds of besie ...
Period IV. 1783-1789
• ...miliarly acquainted with the West, agreed with that formed by General Parsons, who had visited the Ohio valley, once at least, if not twice; the result of his observations will be found in the lette ...
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