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Title: The border settlers of northwestern Virginia from 1768 to 1795 : embracing the life of Jesse Hughes and other noted scouts of the great woods of the trans-Allegheny
Authors: McWhorter, Lucullus Virgil, 1860-1944., Connelley, William Elsey, 1855-1930., MacLean, J. P. (John Patterson), 1848-1939.
Publication Info: Hamilton, O. : Republican Pub. Co., 1915.
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Chapter V. Indian Settlements on Hacker's Creek. Discovery of Prehistoric [...]
• ...Here can still be seen the remains of one of those mysterious earth-wall enclosures met with in the Ohio Valley. This earthwork, in former years, was reverently preserved by the then owner of the land ...
Chapter VI. Shawnee Towns on Hacker's Creek -- Wi-ya-ni-pe, Birth Place [...]
• ...carce inferior to the best of imported teas. The forest teemed with all the game native to the Ohio Valley, while the waters swarmed with excellent fish, turtles, frogs and mussels. The following ...
Appendix II. Buffalo in Western Virginia -- Bibliography of Draper -- Additional [...]
• ... "The Bison Americanus, or wild buffalo, had retired from Western New York and Pennyslvania to the Ohio Valley. "H. T. Wiley's I'ist. of Mlonogalia Co., IV. 1a., p. 26, says:'A mile or so (1) See ...
Notes on Chapter VI.
• ... locality and then another. They were pushed westward about 1727 to 1730 with the Delawares. In the Ohio Valley in historic times, their chief seat was what is now the southern part of Ohio. They live ...
Notes on Chapter XI.
• ...ians of North America, pp. 537, 538, and many other works on the early history of the States in the Ohio Valley. (18) Hildreth's Pioneer History, pp. 93, 94. (19) On April 18, and May 5, 177 ...
Notes on Chapter XIII.
• ...r, Dodd ridge, DeHass, Drake, Withers, and many other works pertaining to the early his tory of the Ohio Valley. (12) Schoolcraft was granted a pension. He died March 6, 1850. Mrs. Nancy Schoolc ...
Notes on Chapter XIX.
• ... 461 BORDER SETTLERS OF NORTHWESTERN VIRGINIA (3) History of the Ohio Valley, pp. 300, 304. (4) This is the first account we have of Tecumseh leading a war party ...
• ...he life of Isaac Williams, see Hildreth's Early Settlers of Ohio; also his Pioneer History of the Ohio Valley. (9) Lewis, History of West Virginia, pp. 657, 658. NOTES ON ...
Notes on Chapter XXVII., Notes on Chapter XXVIII.
• ... (12) Hildreth's Lives of the Early Settlers of Ohio; pp. 486-488. Also, Pioneer History of the Ohio Valley. (13) In 1906, through the instrumentality of Dr. J. M. McWhorter, the graves of He ...
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