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Title: The city of Cincinnati : a summary of its attractions, advantages, institutions and internal improvements, with a statement of its public charities
Author: Stevens, George E.
Publication Info: Cincinnati, Ohio : Geo. S. Blanchard & Co., 1869.
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[Publisher's Notice]
• ... I OTICE. SINCINNATI, the largest inland city of the United h States-the center of trade of the Ohio Valley, with a population of over a quarter of a million, admirable location and climate, a ...
• ...usting that no citizen will be ashamed to declare it a fair exponent of the great metropolis of the Ohio Valley. / ...
Chapter IV. Cincinnati and Its Future; its Growth, Industry, Commerce [...]
• ... position. Perhaps no city was ever more fortunate in this particular. Cincinnati is central to the Ohio Valley. From the junction of the Monongahela with the Alleghany (which is the real Ohio) to the ...
• empire. The United States is now of imperial dimensions; but what the United States now is, the Ohio Valley alone will be in a few years. Having now glanced at the number, composition, and occup ...
• ...s for the products, the manufacturers could not sustain themselves. But here, in this center of the Ohio Valley, there is cheap food, abundant material, and markets for the products, extending through ...
• for the commerce of both producers and consumers. Cincinnati is the great exchange for the whole Ohio Valley, and has grown as largely in commerce as it has in 79 / ...
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